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Hi, Have just joined the site. Not new to Health unlocked. Have used the website for last 18 weeks. I decided that I had to get my weight down as I felt it was starting to impact on my wellbeing as I got older. I have always struggled with trying to lose it, but previously it didn't affect my health. My knees, bones etc were starting to get painful.

I am so pleased with the results. I have lost 26lbs in the 18 weeks. The health benefits have been amazing! My aches are disappearing and I can exercise (walking mostly ) so much easier without being sore. And the best bit, my clothes are not fitting any more!

Over the years I have been at various clubs and latterly with Slimming World. I did lose with them, but it always went back on. This time round, with all the tips on the NHS site and couple of ones from Slimming world, I have managed to lose consistently week on week. Not huge amounts, but steady losses every week. I've not denied myself anything but do base my calories on healthy food from all groups and small treats at end of day. Getting back to calories has been an eye opener as at the clubs you just don't see how much you are taking in in Syns or points on "junk" food. It has been a reality check. So now with almost 2 stones lost I have signed up to have a back up when my motivation wanes. I still have a few stones to go. I am determined to get to a healthy weight, keep it off and enjoy my life as a fitter and healthier person.

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Hi Angelisa,

Fantastic post and huge congratulations on your achievements 💐

Like you I had tried various 'clubs' but the reality of calories v exercise is a real winner and the best of it is it's free !!

I look forward to following the rest of your journey, don't forget to claim your ' I've done it badge' 😃


RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020

Welcome Angelisa,

This forum is a great place for support, inspiration and determination! I hope you'll like it on this forum :)

Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the pinned post section to the right of this thread for some brilliant tips to get you started :)

The Monday Group Weigh-In is currently going on, so feel free to go and do your first weigh in there now - a great way to get started :) You can find it in the events section on the forum homepage.

There are also many challenges currently being run on the forum, many of them can also be found in the 'pinned post' section to your right :) There, you will also find the recipe thread.

It is also good to set yourself mini targets to reach on the way to your main one :)

I hope that you have a great first week - keep us updated of your progress.

Rob :D


Hello and congratulations 😊 Your post is very inspiring! I look forward to hearing of further success 😊😊😊

I am a lifetime member of S.W but have been the same weight now for

ages being content with maintaining but am resolved to get down to my original goal which means another 10lbs so have been looking at this site and have been motivated. I weighed in this morning 1st time in 2 months and have lost 1lb. So I feel I am going to do it. Will keep in touch


Well done Angelisa for losing 2 stone! I am a target member at SW, now slightly disillusioned with them as not sure they promote healthy eating enough, plus calories are never mentioned, I realised quite early on that I would need to keep track of them, so I do but keep quiet at the group, I still go sometimes, it all helps, as you say. Being able to eat as much pasta, rice etc as you like is not a good idea in my opinion and they promote their own frozen meals/ bran bars etc a lot, which I never eat. I have also picked up some really good healthy recipe ideas there, made friends too, so not all bad.

The NHS BMI calculator and the guidance on calories for your age/height is very helpful, SW make no allowance for being older, or shorter! The advice on here is brilliant and everyone seems friendly. Good luck with losing more weight, look forward to hearing how you are getting on, sure you will be successful as you have been already :)

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