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Back from holiday


I started my weightloss programme two weeks before going away. I spent ten days in Italy eAting pizza and pasta salads and drinking lovely Italian wine. I did manage thirty min swim for seven days whilst my husband looked after the three children ( under 6).

So I came back Thursday night.

I am scared to weigh myself. But I have decided to kick start by eating no carbs for a week and no booze. I've also started the days with hot lemon.

I managed a short walk on Friday and a excersise session in the garden, ( my husband a fitness fanatic does the hitt class for me).

I am psyching myself up for the weigh in tomorrow morning.

I turn 40 in August 2017 and need to lose 4-5 stone,

Wish me luck 😜

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Don't you worry Ulala, it doesn't matter what the scales say, as long as you own the result and don't let the scales own you! :)

You've had a lovely holiday and are now all geared up to jump back on the wagon and take up the reins again :)

I shall look forward to seeing you at the weigh-in tomorrow :)

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Welcome back.

Good start with lemon water in the morning. It's really good for detoxification. Don't worry but just don't give up.

More vegetables, fruits and proteins are most beneficial.

Good luck for your weight loss journey.


I agree, the numbers don't matter as much as your mindset, 😊 You are in the right place mentally to do this! Good luck


Thank you


I did the same : started the program, done it for two weeks, and then I went to Italy for two weeks, back yesterday night, this morning I had to face the scale... But it went better than I thought...

Welcome back Marco


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