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In need of help/advice please 😀

Hi. Can you help me ?!

I've been dieting/ healthy eating / weight loss club member forever !! 5 yes ago , after 3 kids, I decided to do it forever (at a weight loss club) and lost 3 st. Well the last of that 3 has come on and off 3 times and is on at the moment! I continued and stuck to that particular plan , but it wouldn't move. Going to class each week , doing it as I should and getting nowhere messed with my head so I don't go any more. So , very motivated by things I've read (I am really interested in nutrition /weight loss) I decided to download the NHS Plan , found calorie allowance and cracked on. 3 weeks in I feel much better in myself but I haven't lost any weight at all 😥 (hand on heart I have stuck to allowance) I am training for a half marathon so have upped my exercise quite a lot in this time. What to do ? I want to continue feeling motivated but feel a bit down about it which isn't good.

Sorry that was a really long and boring post !!

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Thank you, scanned through and looks really

Interesting and very much in line with the info I've been reading lately and putting into practice gradually . Cheers

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Not long and boring at all 😊 Several things could be happening, you could be losing inches, you could be toned, or you could be building muscle. A tape measure is often more accurate than scales 😊 If you are eating properly and feeling fit then you are doing all the right things 😊 I presume you have checked you BMR and are eating 300-500 less calories?

Hope you work things out

Good luck 😊


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