Back after summer break and my battle plan

Hi guys, I got fed up of calorie counting, weighing in and all things weight loss somewhere end of May. Now I feel I got my mojo back, and I'm back after my break. I'll copy my weight loss plan below. I'm already doing it, it's just I wrote this file on my laptop earlier with that late starting date. The plan is only one pound a week, so nothing crazy. Comments to improve are welcome and appreciated. See you at the weigh-in on Monday !

My Battle Plan for This Autumn

-I'm starting this plan on Monday 29.8.

-98 % whole real foods, 2 % processed junk.

-3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and healthy lowcal snacks between meals if needed.

-I'm going to eat 300-500 calories below my maintenance level a day. On days I feel I want/need to eat more, I'm going to eat about 300 cal below maintenance, and on days I feel I can cope with a bigger deficit, i will eat about 500 cal below maintenance. Checking every once in a while my recommended calories in NHS BMI Calculator.

-Regular exercise, both weights (bodyweight and dumbbell exercises) and cardio. 2 rest days per week. Even 3 if needed.

-I'm going to report my weight on NHS Weightloss website every Monday.

-Taking body measurements: abdomen, upper arm, hips, left thigh, right thigh, waist. Reminders 29.8., 10.10, 14.11. and 19.12.

-Refeed days to carb up, boost metabolism and ease the mind: 2 consecutive refeed days two times during the autumn. On a refeed day I'm going to eat about 600-800 calories more than on a non-refeed day. First refeed days will take place 16.-17.10. and the second refeed days 23.-24.11.

-I'm going to end this plan on Monday 19.12. and do maintenance for the rest of December.

-Total weight loss goal of this plan: 16 lbs in 16 weeks.

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16 Replies

  • Hi,

    Apparently your plan looking really amazing. You are thinking sensible and safe way of weight loss. I also want to loss one 1lb a week as well that's I think I can manage not more than that good.

    So in Raw you like most of fruit and vegetable. 98% it's quite a big quantity maybe you are already bit used to for it.Is that the case? Brilliant then carry on.

    Good luck in your weight loss journey.

  • Thanks Alli, I do want to take it slow this time -I think I rushed too much during last spring, trying to do a bit too much a bit too quickly. This time I want to eat all the calories I possibly can, while I still can -they are going to have to be reduced as I lose more weight. I do like to eat a lot of fish, lean meat, veggies, fruit, rye bread, greek yogurt and oatmeal. I believe there's a difference between processed food like rye bread and processed JUNK food. Eating lots of processed junk is how I put my weight on, so now I'm trying to eat mostly clean. I do drink my Coke Zero though. Wishing you a happy weight loss journey too !

  • That's really good way. Instead of zero coke why not you try lemon honey water,or try some ginger crushed for more taste or cinnamon if you like it.

    Its really amazing simply helps in detoxification. I mostly use first thing in the morning this lemon water or tea everyday. It has so many benefits otherwise as well .

    Try if u can.

    I like all the things you mentioned special rye bread wao.

  • Thanks for the tip -will try lemon honey water and ginger cinnamon water.

  • Welcome back :-)

  • Thanks Mollydex :)

  • Welcome back tidirhin2548 😀

    Sounds like you have a fantastic plan 👏 good luck !! I look forward to reading your updates 💗

    Claire x

  • Thanks Claire2stone ! You've got a nice badge there, i want one of those too. Maybe after one or two years...

  • You will get there !!! Positive thoughts 😀 as youve found in the past its not a race but a gentle plod to a new way of life 💗 the badge will be yours soon .... if you really want it xx

  • Welcome back tidirhin, it's good to see you :)

    It looks as if your break away has given you a welcome breather and time to get back into the right head space :)

    I'd like to wish you all the best with stage two of your journey :)

  • Thank you so much moreless, it's wonderful to be back to the grind. I'm so energized and can't wait to get things rolling. Good to hear from you, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the weigh-in.

  • I'll be there, ready and waiting for you :)

  • I have a problem finding weighin Moday

  • No worries, feelgood41, here's the link:

  • Hello, welcome back and good luck 😊

  • Thanks Anna :)

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