Worried I am measuring wrong areas!?

It seems I've been measuring my thighs instead of my hips (please don't laugh) and I've just been corrected and my hips are actually 42 inches and my thighs are 47 inches (I have lost 2 inches off my thighs this week as last week I measured them as my 'hips' at 49 inches)...so do I continue with these measurements but keep my thigh measurements but label that correctly as thighs instead of hips?

For example; waist, hips and thighs.

PS., it's also been suggested that my shape is a 'pear' and not an 'apple' as I previously thought.

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  • I wouldn't dream of laughing Sazkia, I had trouble measuring my waist! ;)

    I, personally, measure each thigh individually, but I'm all for as many measurements as you like. There's no harm in doing hips/thighs/individual thighs :)

    I have 22 measuring points and have been gobsmacked by the number of inches it's possible to lose! :)

    Keep that tape measure busy! :)

  • Thank you, Moreless. :)

    That makes me feel less embarrassed by this. *blush*

    I'm amazed at my belly fat, it's melting away (in the past I struggled with this but I think the key this time round is I have become so much more active). I have also realised that measuring myself is giving me a more accurate picture of how my body is responding to my healthier diet and increase in physical activity. It helps me to stop fixating on lbs as I think inches lost is actually more noticeable that lbs! :D

    Sazkia x

  • I couldn't agree more! I've "dieted" before, but never gone for a healthier lifestyle. Now, I realise I have muscles! Who'd have thought?! :D

    My shape is completely different now and I feel like a million dollars, even though I still have 3st to lose! :)

    We're doing brilliantly! :)

  • We certainly are and I am so glad you've discovered your muscles lol!!

    We just have to keep going now, no going backwards! ;)

  • Absolutely! :)

  • I don't think it matters what the 'label' says, you're losing inches and that's brilliant!! 😊 And I agree, I weigh the same as I did 23 years ago but feel Slimmer and fitter 😊 Almost have a waist . . . Hoping to find it again soon!!! Lol 😂😂😂

  • Very good attitude to have Anna. x

  • I'm also a pear and completely sympathise with the difficulty in finding the right place to measure hips. But hopefully the fact you're a pear means you'll get a nice slim waist quite quickly. I measure my thighs round the thickest part, individually. I measure my hips at the widest point looking at myself standing sideways to the mirror, rather than face on. It was easier to find this point when I began to feel my hip bone! Good luck losing those inches :)

  • Thanks you, yes the belly fat is melting away this time; perhaps due to all the exercising I am doing. Ironically I use to struggle with belly fat when I dieted but I guess I always focused on the food aspect and not enough on the fitness. This time round I think I am giving physical activity more due and as a result I'm often too busy to think about food. Although the 'cravings' have started, even though when I really sit and think about it I'm not actually hungry. :/

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try that when measuring my hips! :)

    Sazkia x

  • I was trying really hard to think how to explain the way I do my hip measurements, as I know exactly what you mean about ending up measuring thighs rather than hips. If it's any comfort my hips went from 48 inches to 38 inches, with over 5 inches coming off my waist too, after only losing 2.5 stone. It goes to show how much weight can cling to that area for someone with a pear shape, but I agree being active makes a big difference. For me it was running and also, although I've got really lax about it again, strength exercises. Good luck with all the measuring! :)

  • Yes, I have trouble measuring my waist. I am definitely pear-shaped, and extremely short-waisted. If I measure around my narrowest bit, it's quite high up. If I measure lower down, my waist measurement expands hugely.

    So my question is - is your waist your narrowest bit, or is it a definite place on your body, like around your belly button, even if this is not the narrowest?

    Given the knowledge we have about belly fat being very bad for you, I think measuring our middles correctly is very important, but I don;t know if I am doing it properly.

  • There are all these guides for where to measure your waist, but I think when it comes down to it, it's where clothes sit, even if you're slimmer higher up, as at the end of the day measurements relate to clothes. I get round this by wearing high-waisted styles such as A-line skirts, for example in an A-line skirt style I could still fit size 12s when I was 2 stone overweight (while size 16 jeans were way too tight). It does feel like cheating a bit though! For my own records I do measure the narrowest bit though, which is directly under my ribs. I think that's the easiest way to keep track for pears, and it's a small compensation considering the difficulty we have finding where our 'hips' are!

  • Sounds like we're a similar shape, a short waisted pear 😁Even though Im now a healthy size , BMI 22.5, my "waist" is just below my ribs , and my widest part is still across the upper thighs , but I can now just about fit into slim fit lycra jeans....which I never thought I would.

  • I'm quite frustrated still as even though I have a small waist and healthy bmi now, I still have to search out wide leg style jeans. I did manage to buy a pair of 'skinny' jeans from matalan but they have lots of lycra in and to be honest don't flatter... Generally I only fit boot cut or flare styles still. you're doing well to be wearing slim styles. I'm hoping my running will help me get slimmer thighs in the end, aah the trials of being a pear! :)

  • I should add that I wear them with a tunic top or longer shirt .. so not too much upper thigh on show!

  • See I've been measuring my widest points lol... I've just weighted myself so I'm about to measure myself but after my dog has had her breakfast as for some strange reason she goes bonkers when the tape measure comes out!


  • Yes, I think one of the biggest compensations about being pear-shaped is having a slim waist! Plus, people tend to see my top half most of the time at meetings, etc, and therefore they think I am much slimmer than I actually am!

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