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Here's the thing

Although I still succumbe to the temptation of a biscuit, I'm fine all day and manage to keep pretty much to the calories. I pleased to say I'm exercising again after knee injury although not as active as before.

But here's the thing: I hate being alone in the evenings and binge🍰🍫. It's not his fault he has to work I just get so down watching freeview.

Any suggestions?

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Hi I can sympathise with the evening temptations this is where I would cave in as I am ok till about 7pm. At the moment though managing to stop myself being tempted by logging on here and looking at posts for encouragement.

I do something to keep my mind off food I enjoy craft work so will start a project or I decide to do some work in the house clearing out cupboards, wardrobes ( my house has never been more organised) at the moment I am redoing part of the garden while the nights are lighter.

There is nothing wrong in having a snack at night but make sure it is good for you and not rubbish, be prepared make a few chopped veg to have with a low cal dip, I find peeling a grapefruit or orange to remove pith takes time before you eat it, podded peas also help whiles sitting watching TV.

I just ask myself I am in my situation for a reason and the reason I am here is because I used the wrong food as a crutch over he past few horrible years in my life and I now want to feel better and healthier and that same food won't help me anymore so I have a choice eat it and be miserable or change and get control of my life back to look for a better lifestyle.

It may sound strange but if I am tempted I sometimes pick up a pen and write in my diary how I feel, after I have written it down and looked back on my previous notes the feeling has usually passed.

I spent many hours 24/7 when my husband was working away or long days when my kids were young and I hated him for it, I felt like I had been cast adrift on my own to cope and used food as comfort, I wish I had felt like I do now then maybe life would have been happier.

I hope you can think of things that will keep you busy whilst your partner is at work I have done alsorts from dress making, tapestry, card making, knitting and crochet. As it is getting towards Christmas now I will make little gifts for family members to keep me busy when the nights get darker. I am sure if you google things to make you will find something enjoyable and constructive to do and the look on someone's face when they receive a handmade gift is lovely to see. Maybe something for your partner you can do for a Christmas gift.

Good Luck I hope you manage to stay on track and make better evening food choices. Bev 👍😊


Why not try some adult colouring in books of an evening

Might work just a thought , or invite some friends over but no nibbles and play cards or manopoly or some other games

Hope this help but not always easy to do xx


Just come on here and chat to us Ceriandblue :)

I have an 8pm cut off - nothing to eat after that and I don't snack as a general rule. Make sure you're eating food that fills you up, then stick to the rules! :)

My husband has always worked either away, or on shifts, so I've spent many, many evenings alone. I used to use food to fill the gap, but realise now that it doesn't work. It works for a few seconds, then you're left with feelings of guilt and excess pounds.

If you're lonely/bored, post a thread and if I'm around, which I normally am, I'll chat to you and I'm sure many others will too :)

You can do this and we can help :)


Many of us struggle with this, coming on here really helps 😊 Good luck


As the tv show used to say ... just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead :) A gentle walk around the block? Head to the swimming pool for a few laps? Take up a craft that requires concentration?


Can you knit ?? I bought some Pom Pom wool and doing a very simple baby blanket! I'm slow but it stops me snacking 😃



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