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New here and hopefully new me!!!

New here and hopefully new me!!!

I've had enough of cringing every time I see a photo of myself! I want to be slim and healthy but not follow a rigid diet, just something I can live with!! I play golf a few times a week but other than that don't do much exercise. I have a partner who 'sabotages' my healthy eating plans by encouraging me to go out for curries drink wine etc. But he's slim!! :( And my will power is not the best! Need some encouragement and tips!!!

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Hi Gillianwalker8,

Welcome to the forum. This is a friendly helpful place where we share our successes and problems, and encourage and support each other.

Firstly if you haven't already, please have a read of our Welcome Newbies post under 'Pinned posts' on the right of your screen (if using a mobile it may be on the bottom). It has lots of advice and suggestions. This is a quick link


Also please feel free to join in the various challenges (also under Pinned posts), and we also have a Monday weigh in, entirely voluntary, but I find that it keeps me accountable. Have a read and join in the chat in the forum, it is inspirational and motivational.

Another big help is the 12 week plan, which advises on how to change your eating habits gradually over 12 weeks to a new healthier you. You may also like to check your recommended daily calorie allowance by using the BMI checker.

As for curries and wine, my suggestion is to have tomato based curries, not as calorific as the creamy ones, don't have the extras such as popadoms, have plain rice, or share one. Also try to plan the meals into your weekly calorie intake, perhaps cutting down a bit on other days. When out for a drink, my choice is lime with soda water. This is low calorie, cheap and refreshing!

Good luck πŸ˜ƒ

Mouse 🐭


Maybe you could discover a new-found passion for learning to cook Indian food at home? There's loads of ways you can adapt curries so they're not anywhere near as bad as in a restaurant!

I find it kind of funny that many Asian cuisines are among the healthiest on the planet, and yet a Chinese take out or curry is a huge, unhealthy no-no!


Hi and welcome Gillian :)

You've been given some great advice already, I'd just like to say that the picture of you is fab, even though I did get a crick in my neck! ;) If I looked as slim and as good as you, I be chuffed to bits! :)

I hope you'll be very happy here with us :)

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Ha ha, I did try to turn it round but didn't work! Well my BMI is 29 and it recommendes that I lose 3 stones!! I'd be over the moon if I lost 2 stones! :)



Crumbs, that's harsh! Is that to take you to the middle of your healthy range? I'm sure you'll get to where you want to be :)

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BMI can seem to put suggested weight quite low, πŸ˜• It's about how you feel in yourself, 😊

Eating smaller portions, keeping treats as treats, ie couple of times a week not every day (my failing!!! 😜) and introducing a different exercise regime and you will soon feel slimmer and feel fitter πŸ˜„ Good luck πŸ˜„


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