Neighbourhood safe of all Pokemon animals and off to the movies with two grandsons:)

Hi all,

Yes, I did some more securing of the neighbourhood yesterday by catching a few PokemonGo thingemebobs with the boys. We actually walked 5km and one of the eggs" hatched. LOLOL It became something very interesting and the boys jumped for joy.. what could I do.... I also jumped! Luckily we were in a park and no one notice the old lady doing a few lopsided jumps :) I will keep you updated on the neighbourhood safety if you do not mind. It seems that it gets me off my backside and out there in the fresh air as well as having fun with the boys who are the loves of my life.


Breakfast done and dusted.. Fuit salad and Egg Mayo mixed with peppadew for a little twang on a Corn thin.

Lunch will be prawn salad yummy

Movie treat....HMMMMMMM Ok just one sweet snake and share of the boys popcorn

Supper: Hamburger without breadroll and chips, but loaded with salad


Losing weight can be fun when you follow a plan of not excluding everything that you like from your diet (in small amounts ofcourse:)

Have fun out there fellow losers...


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11 Replies

  • Well done Mammou, it sounds so much fun and what precious time with your grandsons.. Mine either live too far away, or are too young to find Pokemon animals, but it's still lovely to spend time with them.

    Enjoy your movie, snake and popcorn 🎟 🐍 🍿

  • Yes, they are precious. I have one of 11, one of 7 and then our newest on a very cute and adorable 6months. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them:)

  • Know what you mean, my grandkids are 3 boys, 17, 10 and 4 and 2 girls, 13 and 7. The two oldest live 5 hours away, but the youngest three are 10 minutes away. Like you, love them all to bits. Like moreless I miss the older two very much and wished they were nearer.

  • It sounds as if you're all having a whale of a time Mammou, good for you! :)

    Enjoy this time while you can, they grow up so quickly :)

    Have fun! :)

  • It seems like it has been only an eye-blink and they are "big" boys. The eldest ones are 11 and 7 and my newest boy is adorable at 6months now. Cuddles and hugs and kisses are always on the menu with these three. Luckily they are close and I get to to see them on a regular basis. I am very blessed:)

  • I know what you mean! My eldest is nearly 15 and the youngest is 7! Where did the time go! I only have 2 close by and miss the other 2 so much. I still feel blessed to have them in my life though :)

  • Mammou

    Well done with all the walking , sounds like you are having a lot of fun even jumping like a crazy lady lol , hope your neighbourhood is safe .glad your egg hatched .

    Hope the rest of your day is good x

  • Yep, what we must do to keep our neighbourhoods safe for everyone LOL, The egg hatched and now I have two more...... that's 7km walking until the next hatchlings appear:)

  • Sounds like a great day! You're right about not excluding everthing. I'm been eating very healthily but was a little below par today and have treated myself to hot dog for tea, I reduced the calories by dry cooking the sausages in the oven, frying the onions in 1 cal, I had ciabatti roll ( first white bread I've had in ages) and had sweet corn with it ( healthy bit!) It was proper comfort food, but not gone over my daily calories, that along with a 4.5 mile walk earlier and hey presto, feel much better! I'm sure the purists would say, still not healthy, but just what I needed today!

  • Oh dearie, dearie me, I have to confess, the one snake treat turned into two.. I really do not now how it happened, I believe it slithered into the packet when I was not looking:)

    But even with the slithery monsters getting into my daily calories, I still was able to stay on track. Now for the rest of the week.. Ready, steady, gooooo..

  • have fun!

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