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Massive holiday gain!

So despite my best efforts I have gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks while on holiday. I'm hoping its a quick weight gain means quick weight loss scenario but this is the heaviest I've ever been! At almost 18 stone I really feel at my wits end and feel that I am back to square one. I'm going to download and restart the plan tomorrow trying to stick to 1500 calories (as recommended by my nutritionist) and do three brisk walks per week. Here's hoping for some serious weight loss this week!

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You can do it - especially now you are feeling refreshed from your recent holiday! Remember to log your food and drink and plan ahead so you never get too hungry; stock up on some healthy snacks for those nibbly moments. Take the stairs as often as possible and dig the garden, or hoover the house from top to bottom, for maximum exercise benefits



Good luck x

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It sounds like a good plan to reboot the 12 week plan, stick to 1500 calories, and do some walking every day. Good luck!

I'm a bit worried by the fact that you say you have made an effort to lose weigh but ended up with a gain of 8 pounds. If you are taking in around 1500 calories - even if you have been slack and taken in 2000 - you should not be gaining, you should be losing or at least maintaining. Perhaps see your doctor about it.


Hi Maybe don't think of it as a gain, draw aline under it and start again with a new starting weight. But be determined that from today you will be on track - you have had your holiday so hopefully you can focus from now. I usually put on about half a stone over a 2 week holiday period. Extra food in your system and extra fluid in your body. I am sure you will lose some of that quite quickly. Great that you have made plans for walking each week and that you have worked out your calorie level. I am sure you know but plan your calories each day and weigh everything. Do not guess as it is so easy to be out and over eat without really realising it. If you stick with it I am sure the scales will show you a good loss next week and wish you the best of luck. You can do this! :)


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