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I am so chuffed my 22 year old son decided last night he needs to loose weight too he is 6ft 5 and currently over weight for his height altho carries it well .He has been shopping for lots of fruit am chuffed we can keep each other going with support over the next month or two . I am sure he will loose it quickly as he is quite active but it nice to have someone else in the house being good. My slim hubby will be hard pressed to find any treats poor thing ,he already been hunting for chocolate since coming in from work but I am not giving in its too tempting.


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7 Replies

  • That's the spirit - if it's not in the house it's less of a temptation. It is definitely easier to eat healthy with someone else. All the best to both of you - please keep us informed as to how you're both doing :-)

  • I'm so chuffed for you and your son dish70 👍 its going to be so nice having a fellow looser in your house. Will he be joining you at the gym aswell?

    Hope your husband isn't too put out though 😆 maybe he could have his own lockable cupboard with his treats in so he's not too deprived 😇

    Good luck to your son (and of course you) x

  • He wont be coming to gym ,think he would rather die first than see his mother in that domain. Lol

  • Ha ha 😀 I wish you both good luck xx

  • How lovely your son wants to join in your journey and there is support for each other. 💖 I am sure if your husband gets the munchies he will pop out to get himself something or keep goodies in his shed or man cave if he has one. Wishing you and your son all the best good luck to you both. Bev

  • Ha ha xxx every man should have a man shed or man cave 👍😂

  • Thank you for the lovely comments

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