Couch to 5K App Downloaded,

Hi everyone,

I have downloaded c25ktoday , because there was some issues when I wanted to play the audio. Now it will be tension free.

Have someone new started c25 k .? I wanted to start flex and strength sessions together with c25k on alternate days.

They can be good together or not any suggestions??

Going to start from tomorrow.

Thanks to all for being here to help.


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8 Replies

  • Hi Alli_Awan,

    I don't see why they wouldn't be ok done on alternate days. It sounds like a good plan to me. But maybe someone else has tried doing this, and can give their opinion. I always tend to have a day to rest per week, but if you're alternating different exercises and the running, then you're using different muscle groups - so probably resting anyway.

    Not sure my reply is making sense, so I'll leave it to someone who has more of an opinion to share!

    I'd like to wish you success with it, and hope you enjoy it! Maybe join the 'Hares and Tortoises' post to let us know how your runs are coming along - it's in the Pinned posts area, and moreless is posting that regularly! It's great fun.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for your opinion Lowcal

    ,I will post in hare and turtoise pinned post as well surely. It will be a motivation for me as well to see how other people are doing.

  • Fantastic! :-)

  • That sounds like a great idea to me Alli_Awan, well done you for getting started :)

    I hope you'll do as Lowcal has suggested and join us in our running challenge. We'd love to hear how you progress and we runners need to stick together :)

    Wishing you all the best, you're going to love it! :)

  • It's a great program - well done for deciding to give it a go. Best advice I can give is stretch when you have finished your run - especially your first one. Stretch out your hamstrings and calves especially, even more so if you're not used to running. Personally I would have a rest day in between the runs but it is entirely up to you :-) I am a re-starter on week 8 as I had a back injury. Love it.

  • Hi queen,

    Thanks for your advice. I am not use to for running it will be really good idea to stretch for me ,it's a good reminder .pleased to listen you are feeling great at your 8th week. I had joined it 2 months ago then had some special event .So I am now new for NHS plan on 2nd week .I run for only one week as well and I felt great like u .That's y I decided to joint to run again.

    Thanks again and keep up your hard work.

  • Hello :) I used them both together on alternate days when I did the programme (and still use strength and flex on my non running days). They are a great combination and the flex part really helps with the sore muscles the day after running. Best of luck with the programme! It's great!

  • Hi,

    That's really great that you have personalexperience.Thanks ,now I can feel 100% sure what I want to do is fine and safe for other people as well.

    Have lovely day.

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