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Creaping back in slowly

Ok I confess that I haven't weighed myself for 2 weeks. I'm having a really bad time of things,and apologise to everyone who has tried to help me with wise words and encouragement. I am asking for help with 2 questions. Should I start from week 1? And also I have just had my jawbone up move delivered, so should I use the jawbone app or use mfp? I fully intend to get this weight off and have decided that the beat way to do it is to trust all you wonderful people and also do things slowly and carefully. Thank you all and sorry for mucking up again. Xx

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Hi, if you haven't been keeping track of your calories and weight I would start afresh on week 1. I use the jawbone app to record food as I find it really easy, but if you prefer my fitness pal, you can pair up the two apps, instructions how here -


If you want a buddy to cheer you on, look me up on the friends list of the Up, Caz28E

Good luck!


Crumbs Bobbivee, most of us have long histories of "mucking up", so give yourself a break :)

I'm very glad that Caz28 has advised on the jawbone, because I know nothing about it! I also think her idea to start again at week 1 is sound too. I'd go on to say, why don't you join the reboot challenge, where you'll have company and extra support? Have a look at the thread and read the reflections, because they're a real eye opener and very motivating :)

I'd also suggest that you post your weight in the monday group weigh-in now, it's not too late :)

Sign up to some of the challenges too. The more you do to keep yourself accountable and motivated, the less likely you are to slope off on your own and slip off the wagon :)

You can do this Bobbivee and we can help! :)


you are not mucking up , mucking up would be not picking yourself up , dusting yourself off , and saying " I fully intend to get this weight off" keep going ... you will get there !


Bobbivee, you are a normal person, just like the rest of us on here. Start on week one, jawbone on, and try again. You can't do anything about the past because that is behind you. Look forwards, one day at a time and say to yourself 'I can do this' and you will succeed. 🙂

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