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Confusing numbers

Hello All,

Posting, again.

I've been sitting here thinking about stuffs and the thing that is confusing me, is all this number business.

I lost over 5lbs this week, but my measurements have stayed the same. I'm happy with the loss, though a little disappointed in no loss in inches (or even 1/16 of an inch - I'm not being too fussy here...)

The only reason for my disappointment is that in order to fit in to the dress size I want for my holiday, I need to lose a little over 5 inches each on my hips and waist.

I know ultimately the size of my clothes doesn't effect my holiday, but I know I will be able to enjoy it more and be less self conscious, if I do drop my size down.

Has this happened to anyone else? The scale numbers have dropped, but measurement numbers have stayed the same? Does it change? I know everyone is different, but law of averages says there is bound to be people who have had similar experiences!

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Hi, I found this article livestrong.com/article/3867...

might explain it a bit. Everyone is different, but remember a steady loss and eating healthily and doing some exercise is the best long term plan, just be patient.


Interesting article, thank you for sharing 😊

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I agree with Anna Caz, that's a great article and explains a lot! :)

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Hello I only weigh my self I don't do measurements for the reason you have just said , if you did not take your measurements you would not be disappointed . You will know by your clothes .

You should be Ju,ping for joy , pat yourself on the back you deserve it

Well done you !!!! X

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Don't be disappointed FP, I was really weird when I started out! :)

My waist stayed the same until I'd lost 9.75lbs, then it increased by 1/2"!

When I'd lost another 5lbs, it suddenly decreased by 2".

I gained 1lb and my waist went up by 3.5"!!!

When I lost another 4lbs it decreased by 1.5"

I lost another 1lb and it increased by 1/2"

Then it started to slowly decrease, until now, after losing 6st, my waist is 9" smaller that it was :)

I hope that makes you feel heaps better about your waist measurement :)


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