Now see why I was loo bound

Okay.. So I bought some fresh salmon - thought great, cost me a bomb, but hey, it's healthy!

Anyway, it was a day or so before I decided to use it. I cooked one half and froze the other.

Now my uncle kept commenting on how much it smelt - me like, duh, it's fish! That evening of enjoying pan fried salmon (no added oils, used the fish's own oils), I was then stuck on the loo multiple times that night. Thought it may have been the veg - as I'd piled it up! Put it out of my mind.

Well, tonight - decided to defrost and use the other half of it. Again my uncle commented on the smell. I'm starting to get worried, I've eaten it anyway - tasted fine.

Now I have just googled "should salmon smell" (if anyone is watching my search history - they're going to be puzzled right now). Short answer.... NO, salmon shouldn't smell to the extent this lot did.....!!

Now I am facing another few runs to the loo tonight!!

Moral of the story - your salmon should not smell overly fishy. And if it does, don't eat it!!!!

Wish me luck!

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5 Replies

  • I was going to like this then thought that might be construed as a little mean! :P I hope you're not suffering too much and at least you learned something! :P

    Now you mention it, I've never noticed salmon smelling fishy lol....oh dear! Well, your post made me chuckle and I'm not entirely sure why!

    Get well soon. x

    Sazkia x

  • Thanks Fit-ishPlum for the warning 😐 I'm sorry you had to learn that the hard way xx hope your not too bad and feel better tomorrow 😆

  • Fit-ish-plumb

    Ahhh so sorry you were unwell fingers crossed you don't have multi trips to the loo tonight .

    Hope you feel better in the morning x

  • You live and learn eh? Hope you didn't suffer too much - the runs are not fun at all as I know all too well!

  • Oh dear that's not nice for you Hope you are all ok now 🚽😵 X

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