Hello. I am on day 1 today and really keen. I am sure I will derive inspiration and motivation from you all. Exercise will be my bugbear as I am naturally lazy in that department and will probably find excuses. Go for a run!!! My motivation is that I can no longer wear my "nice" clothes. Any advice on avoiding the temptation of Saturday night glasses of wine? (It's seldom just one glass). Looking forward to joining you. Thanks.


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4 Replies

  • Hi, I wasn't a great one for exercise either, but I started walking, got myself a step tracker and do in excess of 10,000 steps a day now - it's addictive and the tracker is great motivation. I also do Leslie Sansones walking videos ( you tube) started with the mile one and the 1 mile happy walk and can now manage the 3 mile one on a good day! I don't drink wine but do enjoy a white rum and diet coke or two, I just include in my calories for the day.

  • Thank you very much. That sounds like a great idea. I think that you've given me some good advice.

  • Tryphenia I am unable to exercise but just stick to your calories I'm sure you will be fine!! No wine tho xx

  • Thank you Pamed, will do. I won't want to undo any weight loss so will stick with diet coke which I like anyway.

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