Trying to get rid of the last stone!

Hi everyone,

So I've been on the forum since March of this year. I rarely post anything, just the odd reply to others' posts or to record my stats, but now I feel I need some advice please.

My stats are as follows:- I'm a 36 year old female, 5" 5" and weigh 10st 10lb.

I was overweight most of my adult life, but after having my third child in 2013, took control of my life and lost 3 1/2 stone which brought me down to 10st 8lbs. I maintained that weight until Feb 2015 when I got pregnant with my fourth child. She was born in October 2015 and I'd got up to 14st roughly. I managed to get down to 11st by myself by February 2015, just by cutting out rubbish, breastfeeding (well expressing - she couldn't breastfeed directly as she had a cleft lip and palate) and running around after the kids. The eldest one is now 6 so they keep me pretty busy.

I joined this forum with the intention of losing the last 20lbs. I started off in March at 11st and by the first week of June I was down to 10st 8lbs, it was slow, but at least the weight was shifting. Then it was Ramadan and we were fasting for roughly 19 hours per day which meant I couldn't do any vigorous exercise as I couldn't drink water. Thought this would be silly and possibly dangerous, so I concentrated on fasting and once it was over (6th July), got back on the plan. During Ramadan I gained 6lbs 😩 I knew that THIS time, I really had to take it seriously. I downloaded an app called Lose it!, counted calories and did 2 hours of aerobic exercise and 2 hours of strength exercises per week. My weight dropped 0.5lbs in the first week (TOTM), 3.5lbs in the second week and 0.5lbs in the third week. So I was back to 10st 8lbs. This week I added in an extra 30 mins of aerobics and 30 minutes of strength exercise, food wise everything is still the same, but my weight is 10st 10lb!!

I know I've toned up over the last month since going to town on the exercise, as I can get into clothes which were previously too tight - so that's positive.

Some people have mentioned that water is retained when muscles are sore. Is this why I have gained weight and if so how long will it take to go away? Nothing aches...

Secondly I am already at a healthy weight, but only just and want to get down to 9st 8lb so I'm not just teetering on the edge and have a bit of leeway. Can you please give me some examples of what you eat on a daily basis? I'd like to try some new healthy meal plans.

This is an example of what I eat daily.

Breakfast: branflakes and semi skimmed milk or porridge, slice of Hovis 50/50 toast and teaspoon of honey, mug of unsweetened tea.

Lunch: wholemeal pitta filled with Philadelphia lightest cheese, cucumber and tomato, bag of quavers, nectarine/grapes/peach (1 of these).

Dinner: weight watchers meal, home made fish pie, tagine, lasagna, chicken risotto etc. and salad or veg, weight watchers yogurt.

Snacks: Mars fun size, Asda mini cookies, breadsticks ( I only have one or two of these if they fit in my calorie allowance, unsweetened coffee and tea).

I drink roughly 2 litres of water per day and no alcohol, juice or fizzy drinks.

Hope you can help me shift this last 16lbs and we can help each other with meal plans and exercise advice.

Have a nice afternoon.



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  • Hi, have you checked your calorie allowance now you have lost weight? I know the NHS one doesn't give it you now your BMI is healthy range but there are others on the Internet that do. Also, if you are building muscle through exercise, don't forget it weighs heavier than fat, maybe taking your measurements and comparing will show you have lost inches. I would stick to porridge over bran flakes, I find it do much more filling for longer and perhaps add some fruit. Also maybe increase the amount of veg you are eating. I wouldn't bother with weight watchers meals, the portions are not great for the amount of calories they've got, much better cooking your own nutritionally. Apart from that, just stick with it and good luck!

  • Hi Caz,

    Thanks for your helpful reply.

    Yes, my Lose it! App is telling me I need to eat 1,491 calories for my weight.

    I love cooking so really only have a weight watchers meal when I'm cooking the kids fish fingers or pizza etc. and having a night off πŸ˜€, but I hear what you're saying, they are tasty, but not very filling.

    Good tip about the porridge. The kids actually like porridge too. We tend to eat more of it in winter though.

    What sort of things do you like to cook? Have you got any recipes to share?

  • Don't know where to start as I cook everything from scratch, but whatever I'm doing I put extra veg in, for example if I do bolognese I put grated carrot and courgette and chopped celery in, it bulks it out so you can have a reasonable sized portion, same for cottage pie, same for chilli, I do lots of chicken dishes, I like doing them in the slow cooker, again loads of veg, I love Nigel Slaters chicken and leek pie, recipe for the 'skinny' version is on line. My breakfast porridge is 200 ml semi skimmed milk, 15g porridge oats, 15g low sugar muesli, tsp ground almonds, microwave for 2.5/3 mins then stir in blueberries, or mixed berries, whatever you fancy, keeps me full to lunch.

  • Oh sounds yum. Thank you so much for the tips! πŸ‘

  • Here are some examples of low calorie meals for inspiration

  • They look lovely thanks πŸ‘

  • Isou, if you're looking for healthy recipes, there's a whole collection in the pinned posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) :)

  • Ok thank you 😊

  • Hello isou7000

    You have done so well to get where you are 😊 You have some great suggestions, I have nothing to add just want to wish you well 😊 I am a similar weight and have similar goal so will be following you and your journey 😊

    (I am having a forced 'break' due to having a hysterectomy next week but will continue to read everyone's posts) 😊

    Good luck! 😊

  • Thank you so much Anna.

    Good luck with your journey too and all the best for your operation 😊

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