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The start of week TWO!!

I’m still here, still going strong!

Last week was a fantastic week as far as keeping on top of my calorie counting. I went out for a meal on Wednesday night with a friend, which ended up being very calorific approx. 1200cal just for chicken skewers and chips! But I had a very low cal breakfast and lunch. I was roughly over my calories by 200cals for the day but forgave myself because I hadn’t seen my friend in months and just enjoyed myself.

Thursday, I was back on plan with my calories.

Friday, I was also doing very well, went for another meal with the other half! This time I had a goat’s cheese, red pepper and rocket sandwich with salted crisps rather than chips.

Saturday I had my breakfast smoothie and fruit for lunch as was at a BBQ Saturday afternoon. I had minimal alcohol and more salad than meat! I was feeling very proud because I didn’t over eat either.

I got on the scales and I’ve lost 2kgs which is approx. 4lbs in one week!! It just goes to show that, I was eating far too much food. I’ve not felt overly hungry and even been out for a few meals but just made sure I was wise about my choices and counted ALL calories including drinks.

Today I feel very positive and have so far done well but I am out again tonight with my friend and her daughter so I’ll be having a meal but I’m going to make a sensible meal choice for myself and keep it within my daily calories.

From tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I’ve planned all my meals so there is no excuse to not be able to lose another pound or more by Saturday. How was everyone’s weekend and are you managing to stay on plan?

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Amazing results in one week. My first week finished I lost 1/2a kg . what is your meal plans for 2nd week?

If u wanna share with me, may be it can help me as well.




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