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I am back- post holiday report :)

Hi All!

I am back and truth to be told I am 67.5kg... so I gained a bit back according to the scale BUT! --> I can fit into dresses I have not in a very long time so I truly believe it is slowly turning into muscle. Yesterday, I also bought size 12 jeans! A few colleagues started to comment that I look slimmer too, so here is the proof that the kg is not always everything.

As advised by you and promised by me: I ate lots of melons and fruits while in Spain, and opted for more fish. Also I went alcohol-less on several nights. I went swimming whenever I could and walked a lot too. I feel fantastic and I am really planning to stick to the active lifestyle. And I have found 100% fruit ice lollies on the beach and ate them instead of Magnum (although there were Magnums on the menu too, but not every day!)

I am very happy as went to run on Saturday, and played squash for 50 minutes yesterday and feel super energized.

I hope all of you are well and shrinking. I will try to read the updates I missed :)

Peace out.

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