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Hello everyone !! ❤️

How is everyone doing and how was your week ?

I weigh in this morning and I had the nice surprise to see that I've lost 2lbs , very happy with the result and it keeps me going .

Post gym workout breakfast : eggs and pineapple

- 1 small red onion

- 2-3 slices of low fat ham

- 2 eggs

- 4 slices of raw pineapple

- oil (spray)

- 1 tabspoon of garlic cheese

Fry the onions , then put the ham , pineapple and the eggs . Quick and easy and the taste is amazing !

Happy Monday everyone ! 🎉😘

3 Replies

well done Roxi ! 👏👏👏


OMG Roxi, that looks good enough to eat! ;)

Well done for losing 2lbs, that's brilliant! :)


Hi RoxiGoesSkinny , just wondering how you are doing? Hope all is well with you x


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