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Self sabotage - anyone else do this?

Why do I always do this!!!! I have been trying to work on "me" for a few months. Was doing brilliantly and at the beginning of July I was no longer 'obese'. I was so happy. Clothes were looking better on me, skin looked great and I had bags more energy. Then it all went to hell with those little gremlins of self doubt creeping back in "you can't feel this good", "these lovely feelings aren't for the likes of you" those gremlins said to me. And so today I have woken up, 6 weeks later. 8lbs back on! And annoyed that I have sabotaged myself again. It stops today, but if anyone has any tips on how to stay motivated then please let me know.

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Having stopped yourself now, and not after gaining a stone,is brilliant! You should congratulate yourself on recognising the issues. I have lost almost 2 stones since June and have a whopping 11 more to go...I haven't always been big but over the past 15 years have just kept 'growing' outwards. Often times I've lost and then regained, only to end up bigger still, so I understand absolutely where you are coming from. This time, I feel different, and motivation really is the key.

I use YouTube relentlessly. Watching hours of success stories and 'before and after' images. (not the unrealistic, 'oh look, I lost 6 stones in a weekend by eating smarties' type..lol) I'd recommend, 'Lose it like Lauren' as a start. Also, I'm making a Pinterest board (private one, so for my eyes only) and I'm pinning the outfits I really want to wear, hair styles, shoes and even tattoos, so whenever I'm 'tempted' I look at it and remind myself what I really want, not that biscuit but those jeans. Write a journal too...jot down everything you eat/drink, and how you feel, write out 'countdowns' of pounds lost, days you stuck to plan, measurements etc. Read daily and just train your brain that this is your lifestyle now, this is who you want and deserve to be....I wish you all the very best of luck on your journey to success, you can do it!!!


you can feel good and you deserve to feel good you worked hard losing those pounds so go girl!!! I'm stuck at the moment too !!!

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Well done for noticing and getting back on again. I always do this, I do really well then blammy! All I can say is I notice much more quickly and get back on much more easily and I think actually, as annoying as it is at the time, it's good. This is going to be a lifetime thing for me and I'm going to need to keep coming 'back to normal' once I hit my healthy weight. Maybe this is my training for that ;-) Good luck, well done for noticing and don't give up, onwards and downwards bit by bit :-)


Hi Donbon43

First of all, well done for noticing you were going the wrong way and making yourself get back on track. They do say, no matter how long you have been heading in one direction it is never to late to turn around and find another way.

I agree with the others that you deserve to feel good and there is a very simple exercise that might help you. I learnt it from a coach as part of a 21day happiness challenge and it really easy indeed but also surprisingly effective.

All you have to do is write I AM ENOUGH on various surfaces where you will see it throughout each day. Over time the message will sink into your subconscious and relatively quickly you will find your self talk getting kinder.

I didn't feel comfortable to write it on all the mirrors in the house as we were asked to do but instead wrote it on a mirror in my studio space, pinned it on my notice board, wrote it on my sketchbook and set it as my homescreen message on my computer, phone and tablet. It also greets me first thing in the morning with my alarm.

I hardly notice it now (consciously) but feel a wave of calm sweep over me whenever I do see it written around the house.

Hope it helps you, too 😊



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