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Why do we do it ?

Oh well it seemed like a good idea this morning to bake cherry and cheese scones ,I was going to the gym and thot ill only have one .MMMMM didnt quite go to plan forgot I had a pile of sewing to do so never got to the gym and of course had a cuppa and a scone then another and another whilst sewing .Decided not having any tea except raspberries and yoghurt to make up for this gluttony .It was also mother in law birthday Friday and we had a family Chinese with birthday cake . So no weight off for me this week I'm sure .Will have to be really good this week.

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Hi Dish70,

It's often more challenging whenever there's a Birthday or other occasion to celebrate. I hope you enjoyed your celebrations for your mother-in-law's Birthday on Friday and I would like to wish you an excellent week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Scones are a high-glycaemic food, so if you eat one you are likely to crave more.


Everyone has these blips 😕 The important thing is you are still on plan and back on the wagon 😊 Good luck 😊


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