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Feeling a bit deflated?


Having got weighed at my doctors 9 days ago and starting week one I thought I was doing well... I bought myself some digital scales yesterday and got weighed so I knew how much I'd lost with week 1, but my scales show a gain of 4lb... it may be the difference in scales, it may be that the doctors scales were on carpet not hard floor, I may have even gained weight (hope not) but I can't help but feel naff!

I haven't let this get me down too much though... although today I have had a full hearty breaky... it was lunch and breakfast combined and then I have just spent an hour in the garden... burning off roughly 500 calories and feel good for doing it. Off to pick some strawberries and raspberries this afternoon to have for my breakfast with a yoghurt over the comming few days.

Onwards and upwards... let's hope for a loss in week 2!!!!

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Mollydex4 stone

Don't forget different scales measure different weights . JUst accept the weight on your scales and you will see the difference on your own weekly weigh ins . I always weigh 2 lb less on the hospital scales than my own digital ones. 😀

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I agree with Mollydex just use your own at the same time each week in the same place (flooring levels) as all these can alter your weight.

Love strawberries and raspberries enjoy tomorrow at breakfast time.

🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 Bev

No good changing scales! It is so confusing. We rented a summer house a couple of weeks ago and the scales in that house showed something completely different than my own (1.5 kg less than my own). Depressing to go back to my own :-) :-)

I intend to just use mine from now on but it just means I don't know how I actually did in week one :-/


Oh no 😕 This happened to me, my old scales were weighing 6lbs light!! 😜😜😜 it was a very bad moment!! But it's just a number, you are eating better and exercising so you will be burning fat and getting smaller, it's the law of physics! 😊


If the doctor's scales were on carpet then it is very likely that they will have weighed you as lighter than you actually were, so hopefully you have lost weight, You can check the accuracy of your scales at home by weighing something like a bag of flour or sugar (if you have such terrible things in your house!), where you know the weight of the item, and see if your scales record the correct weight.

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