Abdominal (tummy fat) Exercises

Help please! I am quite happy with the way my 12 week diet plan is going, although I can't pretend it isn't hard at times. What I would like to do most of all is tighten up my tummy muscles so that it begins to look flatter instead of fatter! . I walk about 8 miles a day but please can someone advise on the most targeted and, most importantly, effective exercises that will help strengthen tummy muscles in particular. Thank you all very much in advance for whatever advice you can give.


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  • HI Davidps,

    Welcome to the NHS weight loss forum, and I hope you'll enjoy the community. Have you seen our Welcome Newbie post yet - it's in the Pinned posts section (top right-hand-side of the homepage).

    I can see you're already doing the NHS 12 week plan, and it's great to hear you're quite happy with the way it's going so far. Really good.

    Regarding your query about exercises, have you seen the NHS Fitness studio resources? Here's a link, and you can see the exercises are listed under cardio, resistance, etc, so you can hopefully find something to suit you needs:


    Have a great weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. This is very helpful.

  • Planks. Google it :)

  • Thanks, I think these are described on the NHS website.

  • I was always told to do "sit-ups" to tighten tummy muscles but they are not much fun to do...I prefer swimming which is a good allround muscle toner - how many competitive swimmers do you see with a belly? Any sport that involves using your core body muscles will help, and you can enjoy yourself at the same time. Anyone for tennis?

  • Thank you. I agree, more fun than sit-ups alone.

  • Resistance exercise tones muscle. Exercises that draw the pelvis toward the sternum will develop the rectus abdominis (six-pack). Twisting exercises will develop the external obliques at the sides of the waist, and the erector-spinae, lower back muscles make up the waist too. However, you can over-develop the size of waist muscles to make them look 'blocky', and you still have to lose the body fat to reveal them - toning exercises don't burn many calories and are an inefficient way to lose body fat.

  • I think this misses the point, I'm not looking for toning exercises to lose body fat, I'm looking to firm up as I lose weight.

  • Okay then, vertical twisting-bent knee leg raises with added ankle weights if appropriate, side-bends (one side at a time with a dumbbell), and bent-knee deadlifts. After warm-up, each exercise with a weight that allows 6-8 repetitions, the lowering of the weight especially in strict form, followed by a three-second rest before one final rep.

  • Thank you very much, will try this.

  • Anything aimed at "core" is brilliant for tummys

  • What is this???

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