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Long time no updates

Long time no updates

Hello everyone !

How are you and is your journey going ?

My journey should go perfect but trust me , there's nothing perfect with me , but who knows , one day they will call me "Miss Perfection" but of course I won't answer because I know I'm not perfect . My point is that as good as you are , you won't see it , others will or so . When I was 20 I saw myself as this huge , fat girl . When I see pictures from that time I wanted to ask myself " what the eff was wrong with you , girl ? " . Why did I do that to myself and why I was capable to see myself bigger than what the mirror was showing ? It's just not fair . I wasted years , I can't share here all my secrets but low self-esteem stopped me from everything . It's my fault , I know , I know . I will never forget that it's my fault.

Anyway , tomorrow I will find out how I've done this week , I'm trying my best . My next week challenge is to hit the gym every single day for at least 1h of cardio 💪🏼🙌🏼 , do my daily 10.000 steps besides the gym workout , give up all sugar products like chocolate and other stuff and drink 2.5l for water . I want next week to be a huge success and I will work hard to get there . Other than that , I like the habbit of going to the gym , keeps me busy , keeps me energetic and love to see bones sticking out .

If I will give up on this journey , I will never ever start a new one , cause I invested money here , time , energy and I'm done . It's so hard to work with myself and it's easier for me to convince 100 people to buy pink toilet paper just because it's fab.

But what the hell , life it's like a bad tooth , once fixed , it breaks again , nothing stays the same for forever .

Now I'm in the bus stop , came from the gym , done 1h of cardio as I go to work for 9h as well . I rushed to catch the bus but I didn't knew at what time the bus will be . Got to the bus stop , bus comes in 26 min . Hell ! I could have used that time for a workout . Now time went by and now the bus will be here in another 30 min . Cause ... life . 😂

You have some pics of what I eat when I'm hungry .

Pic.1 Chicken breast with pepper , red onion and basic salad + 1 small flat bread .

Pic.2 Weight watchers cottage pie with low fat cheese and salad = around 450cals

Pic.3 Caesar salad with turkey breast .

Pic.4 Home made bruschetta with flat bread , smoked ham , tomato , pineapple and cheese = up to 200cals per one .

Time to leave . Be kind one to another and never give up on love , tell people you love them , it will be nice to know that you said to someone today "i love you" if for that person there will be no more tomorrow's .

Happy Sunday ,


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Hi Roxi, happy Sunday to you to! Good luck with all your pledges this week. Your food looks really satisfying. 😊 You really are too hard on yourself though, be happy x


Thank you very much ! I've read your posts and Congratulations for all your achivements ❤️❤️❤️


thanks Roxi ❤️


Hi Roxi,

Mmmm, those meals look delicious!!!

Happy Sunday, and good to hear from you again! :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Uhu thank you !


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