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Isn't life unfair.....end of week one of the twelve week plan. Husband has lost 6lb, I have lost no weight but my jeans are definately looser. Must be doing something right. We started at same weight (15 stone), have eaten and exercised exactly the same but obviously my body works differently. Ho hum. Due to recent illness I think my body has been in starvation mode for months so assume it will take time to adjust to better eating patterns. Maybe some of my fat is being replaced by lost muscle?


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  • The unfair bit is that men have a higher metabolism than women, something to do with muscle mass I think, so we have to eat less calories than our other halves in order to lose the same amount of weight.

  • Hi, have you checked your individual calorie allowances on the BMI calculator, it's different for men and women and height comes into it too, if you are both eating the same quantities that will be the reason you haven't lost any weight. Also, it's worth taking your measurements as sometimes inches go but the scales don't budge! Good luck!

  • I checked our bmi at the start and, as we are quite different shapes etc it came out similar. Will do the measurements today, thanks @Caz28 for the suggestion. Will also re-do his bmi to take account of his loss.

  • There doesn't seem to be any correlation between the way men and women lose weight sadly. A point in case just recently, a couple I know went on the same healthy eating plan, did the same amount of exercise, he lost 7lbs, she gained 3lbs!! :o

    Be aware though, that unless you're much taller and younger than your husband, your calorie requirements will be different from each other, so I'm sorry to say that you should probably be eating less than him. Check out the NHS BMI calculator, for your personal calorie allowance range :)

    Stick with it Wombat, you'll get there in the end and you can take heart from the fact that your jeans are looser :)

  • I did do our bmi and they came out similar as mentioned before. I am quite a few years younger though. I will double check again but did use the NHS calculator the first time.

  • In that case, it's just a matter of time and patience :)

    As I said before, you'll get there in the end and Caz28's suggestion to take measurements is brilliant :)

    You might like to join our monday group weigh-in tomorrow, for support. We'd love to have you join us, you just need to follow Zest and myself, to get a notification when the new thread is posted :)

    Good luck and I hope to see you at the weigh-in tomorrow :)

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