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Struggling to lose weight

Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I would like to lose at least 40kg as I'm currently clinically obese. I was shocked into confronting my weight a couple of months ago when I finally allowed myself to climb on a scale at the hospital.

It finally dawned on me that I couldn't continue the way I was and needed to make changes in order to lose the excess weight. So for the last 6 weeks, I ditched my car and have been going to work on the train - this involves walking anything between 1 - 2 miles everyday.

I also ditched my normal lunch and started making my own salad and taking it with me to work everyday for lunch. I stopped constantly munching on biscuits and pastry. Finally, after joining this forum 2 weeks ago, I joined the gym last week.

I am however concerned that I have only lost 2 kg in the last 6 weeks. I also seem to have suddenly developed an intolerance to chocolate and milk. Every time I eat any chocolate, I start being sick immediately. For example, I ate a KitKat finger today and within 2 mins, I was seriously sick and lost my whole lunch.

This is making me a bit worried now. Been sick after chocolates and milk coupled with not been able to lose weight - has anyone else experienced this please? Does it have anything to do with being older (I'm 43 now) as I used to be able to lose weight so easily before and never had problems with chocolates and milk. Do I need to go see my GP? Please help.

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Hi Nikia

Its probably worth considering seeing your Dr as you may have thyroid issues.

It's hard to know exactly unless you provide a detailed breakdown of what you are eating each day .

Myfitnesspal is a great app to track your food if you are not doing that every meal.

Its quick and easy to use and honestly takes no time to record your cals as it can get vales from the web quickly and comprehensively. It will also recommend a calorie intake each day based on your weight and activity and will then help you monitor how you are going with it.

I found it really helpful, esp. in the early weeks to see where I was at. It even helped do things like swap from all milk coffee to a long black with a splash of milk which saved my 100 calories a day I could could then "spend" on a a really creamy yoghurt after dinner.

I also use a Fitbit which is fantastic for keeping track of your steps. Its amazing what you will do (like walking round the block at 10 p.m. !) to get to your daily goal.

To reach my goal I literally have to lose half of myself (I am currently 150 kilos) so I definitely understand how daunting it can be.

You have made amazing strides already and you may find just some extra vigilance each day will help you see where you are going wrong but definitely worth seeing your Dr regarding what could be a developing dairy intolerance and to address your weight issues if you feel you are doing everything right.

I am just about to post something re: allergies which you may find interesting.


Thanks so much Dave1961. I currently use Google Fit to keep track of my steps. I do 7-8000 steps everyday now I've ditched my car. I was using Myfitnesspal to keep track of my food but I lost motivation along the way, I will start it again.

I never used to eat breakfast but since I made a decision to change, I've been eating wholemeal toasts or Oats every morning. I will start keeping track again.

I will look out for your post.


Hello and well done on the changes you have already made 😊 2kg is a good steady rate of fat loss in 6 weeks 😊 you have significantly increased the amount of exercise so you will be building muscle, which is heavier but smaller than fat, so if you used a tape measure I bet the inches are disappearing 😊 I can't help regards food intolerance having gradually reduced the amount of sugar I eat I can easily feel nauseous if I eat too much sweet food 😕

Good luck

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hi there I think we all have been there and done that I myself was 22 stone and after a heart attack decided to do something about it i was a member of a gym and hadn't lost any weight in the three years i was a member but had gained i gave up the gym and concentrated on losing weight i lost 3 stone on my own having cut out alcohol and genuinly cutting down what i ate I couldnt lose any more for months until i joined Slimming world my hospital trust paid for first 12 weeks slimming world's been my savour with their support i have lost 3.5 stone since last year my weight is now 15 stone i intend with their help lose another 2.5 stone


Thanks Anna61 and rogbert for your encouraging words. I hate doctors so I've been avoiding going to see the GP. I think I'll book an appointment this week just to be sure and continue to keep working hard at getting the weight off.

I stopped going to the gym too a few years back because it wasn't helping which is why I now only attend exercise classes 3 days a week. I'm hoping to increase it to everyday gradually. I'm not really interested in the gym itself just the classes. I think they are much more helpful.


You might be having hypothyroidism and or Hashimotos disease...just get your blood test for advanced thyroid profile done....which includes TSH, Total T3 and T4, Free T3 and Free T4, Antimicrosomal antibodies (TPO antibodies).

If you have hypothyroidism, yr Dr. will prescribe Thyroxine tabs which may help you reduce your weight initially. Diet and nutrition plays an important role in one's normal weight and even sleeping enough is required to have normal weight. I recommend do blood tests for almost all organs....kidney, live profiles etc along with Iron and all Vitamins because any vitamin deficiency may make you ill...not sure of yr milk and chocolate intolerance though...

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Thanks Ashka9. I'm hoping to get an appointment before the end of the week - fingers crossed. They had none today.


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