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Oh my

Hi Everyone,

I have been training even harder than usual and it is paying off. Yay

Today when I walked into the gym the Manager who is really nice stopped me, ( she set up myfitnesspal and discussed eating when I first started). She told without even getting me on a scale reached my goal weight , put my cal in take up by 500 cals which means I eat 1900 cals a day (struggle at 1400 with steps) so god help me now. My training is becoming more intense heavier weights, longer sessions, harder classes. But to up my cals is going to be so hard, worried that I will put the weight back on.

Good luck everyone.


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Hi Wendy,

Glad to hear it's going well and that your training is paying off. Really great! Good luck with your new regime, and hope you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Sounds like you are doing really well! Keep going and you can always reduce the calories a bit if it doesn't quite work out... Good luck! x


Hmm.....not sure I'd increase by 500 cals all in one go. Perhaps she has suggested it because you are doing lots of weights and therefore need the fuel to build muscle - in which case you will put muscle weight on, but not to worry because it will make you look firm not fat.

However, I suggest that you build up to it. Add 100 cals a day for a week, then, if you have not put weight on add another 100 cals a day the following week, and so on, until you;ve added all 500 cals.

Being able to eat an addition 500 cals a day is not a problem I am currently confronted with, so I am nevertheless a bit jealous of you!

Good luck!


Why not simply eat real wholefood, enjoy it and stop counting?


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