Major boost

If you're like me then you will have a wardrobe of clothes that are a wee bit too small. This morning I went into my drawer and there was a pair of my old jeans. I looked at the label and they were a 56" waist. When I changed my approach to eating a few weeks ago my work trousers were a 62" waist. The belt dug into my stomach and side when I sat down and caused a lot of pain. I looked at the jeans this morning and thought 'no chance'. What the heck, I'll try them on and see. Normally with smaller trousers I pull them on then just before the hips I know that they're going no further. If they do get to the waist then I need to breathe in to get them fastened. Well this morning there wasn't a struggle. On they went, fastened without a problem and are loose enough that I still need to wear a belt. (Which I've just had to add another notch too)

So I'm off for a nice long walk into town,. Positive start to the day


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13 Replies

  • Well done you - money can't buy that feeling. Enjoy your walk. 💪

  • That is such a great start to your day and a lovely positive post for everyone to read. Thanks Kenny25 . xx

  • Brilliant so happy for you well done x

  • Yeah!!! Do what I did the other day Kenny any too big stuff give away or if in poor condition get the Sissons out feels good to get rid of the old gear chopping away more dusters being created. Treat yourself to a new top or something on your shopping trip, you have earnt it. Best wishes Bev.

  • That's fantastic, well done Kenny25! I hope you are feeling very pleased with yourself and determined to keep going - it really helps, doesn't it, when you see that sort of positive feedback rewarding all the hard work.

  • that's brilliant Kenny, I bet you will have a spring in your step walking to town and a smile on your face!

  • Brilliant! Well done! 😊

  • Hi Kenny,

    I hope you're enjoying your long walk to town today - hope the weather is nice. Your post is inspiring and positive, I enjoyed reading it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Love this post! Well bloody done!

  • Aw man. I'm so chuffed for you. That's excellent

  • Excellent result - well done 😊

  • Fantastic! Well done, you🤗

  • What a billiant start to the day - well done!

    I have myself got a whole wardrobe of very nice (and hardly worn) clothes which are just that bit too tight, while I am wearing the same old 4 or 5 outfits that do fit, but are worn out from wear, and I can't really like them because they are my "fat" clothes.

    So I am going to go and look through my wardrobe every time I feel tempted to eat something extra to my plan, in the hope that seeing all my clothes and thinking about how close I am to fitting into them will keep me focused. Fingers crossed!

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