Desperate to lose weight

Hi, I've decided to take the plunge and try this route to try and lose weight. All seems a bit vague at the moment; being 1:15 in the morning doesn't help. Any tips, weigh in, challenges etc would be gratefully appreciated, together with a great big dollop of willpower, hope and energy to get through this. I'd like to lose 3st in 12 weeks, has anybody managed it? What's the first step (other than sewing up my mouth!)


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  • Hi cruising2,

    You will get an 'official' welcome soon from our moderator who will direct you to the posts on the right hand side of the page (newbies post and the challenges).

    Healthy sustainable weight loss tends to be 1-2 lbs per week, but some people lose a lot in the first couple of weeks and then it settles down to a regular amount if you stick to your recommended calorie range.

    Have a look at the nhs week plan if you haven't already done so, check your BMI and check what your calorie intake should be for your weight and height. The myfitnesspal ap is good for tracking calories (but you have to be honest and log absolutely everything if you really want to lose the weight!).

    I would switch your mental focus to moving towards a healthy and fit lifestyle rather than focusing purely on the numbers game. I would also set small achievable goals in order to ensure success.

    All the best and enjoy the journey!

  • Thanks Seuzan, going back to counting calories is going to be tough but know its probably the only way! Will try and download fitnesspal and get cracking!! Think I'll set my first target as getting into a new stone zone, only about 3lb away (depending on the time of day I get weighed)! Cheers, and good luck with your journey!!

  • I did it with A diet pill called Alli or Orlistat it works by stopping your body absorbing fat from what you eat Is also the only pill you can get on the NHS Or you can buy it from Lloyd's chemists for 20 quid for 83 tabs 3 a day I lost 2 stone in the first 8 weeks , The side effects are bearable but it will keep you regular !!! Very regular if you eat lots of fatty food in fact ,, mix the with some walking or cycling 1\2 hour a day as the weight starts coming off 4 stone over 5 months as the weight comes down you need less of the pill because you feel fitter and exercise harder ,,, and getting back in to your clothes you bought but realised are too small but not took back (yes we've all been there!) Alli works I you are seriously over weight.

  • hi thanks iam about 5 stone over weight I gained a stone last year after I broke my leg which isn't helping with the excersise now as my leg still isn't right

  • I was 19 stone with chronic back pain needed operation but was too big and exercise was out of the question totally! So that's why I started on this pill you WILL loose weight without exercise 2 stone is easy without a workout ,,, I've had the opp as I lost some weight now I can move better you sound like an ideal candidate for Alli ! Up to you of course for me worth every penny! Ironically you can get it on NHS prescription now , cost me a mint!💲

  • I know the feeling jw! I was reasonably fit, but developed plantar fasciitis in my feet about 18 months ago and it was so painful to walk. Fingers crossed it has cleared up now with physio but am finding it hard to get motivated again. Hope your leg soon feels right and you get back on track.

  • Think I've tried this once before, and remember being scared to leave the house!! But I'll bear it in mind! Congratulations on your weight loss, you must be feeling pretty chuffed!

  • Yep sounds familiar !! But the exercise running up an down stairs is a good start to a new exercise regime, in light of being house bound?? If you graze on fatty foods yes it will give you the trots !! Another incentive ! in a Freudian kind of way ,, thanks for the congrats I am still heavy but as I have said before if you do everything the government thinks you should do , Life would be very dull and you would never enjoy yourself,,it is after all one one opinion biased by the government ,,,, Money and NHS 💰

  • Think another reason I've not lost weight and become less fit is that we moved to a bungalow last year - no stairs!!! Told hubby I was worried about getting bungalow legs, but do try to walk up stairs/escalators whenever I can! LOL

  • Hi Cruising2,

    Welcome to the NHS weight loss forum. As Seuzan says, the Welcome Newbie post is in the Pinned posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage). Definitely worth a read, and it has details of our Monday group weigh-in - so I hope you'll join us for that - look out for it on Monday - you can click on follow and my name if you want to be notified of the posting of that thread, or alternatively you can find it easily in the Events section (below Pinned posts).

    The NHS 12 week plan is a healthy and great way to lose weight - and many of us have got really good results from it.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi cruising 2 why don't you try the 12 week plan that will really help you, you check your IBM and show how to calorie count give a go i am sure it will help you.

  • Well, got to end of first day freyja12 with approx 24 calories to spare, but conscious that haven't weighed food, so that's tomorrow's plan, and to record it as soon as I eat it! I've marked it down as a dummy run as weigh in day is Monday according to posts. Let the countdown begin!!!

  • keep doing what your doing , i think you should weigh the foods you it will help that you don't go over the calories and try doing some excercise and drink plenty of water keep the good work i know you can do it i have every faith in you look forward to hearing from you .

  • hi cruising2 and welcome! I learn a lot at 2am in the morning so don't fret. you found us and that is the first step. now, write down what you eat and look carefully at it. what can you live without? what is worth cutting back on to lose weight and feel terrific and healthy? walk walk walk. but you have to be careful losing weight too fast or it will come back easier than if you lose it slow. I have been losing really slow but it is staying off and I feel really good for it. I know you can do this just have a little faith and give it time.. remember, chin up!

  • Thanks Katy6860, I like to think I eat healthily, but its only when you write things down that you realise what rubbish you do eat. I try not to buy stuff like biscuits, cakes, chocolates and crisps but my one downfall is bread and butter which is always in the house! I'll see what the end of my first real day is like when its written down in black and white - I reckon I'll be in for a surprise! Well done for losing your weight and keeping it off!

  • Spot on with that don't buy the temptation in the first place!! Incidentally they have all changed there minds about butter now it provides essential vitamins an lipoic fats not available in"" fat spread "" ! I hope they change there minds about chips done in lard!!? 😂

  • I read about the change of mind about butter, and instantly replaced all the low fat spreads - but then made up for years of doing without!! BLISS!! Just got to get my head round the fact that i've got to limit it! Keeping fingers crossed about the chips, but don't think that's going to happen!

  • Ahh Bless😃making up for lost culinary experience is probably not ideal 😋

    On a serious note if I can't go out to exercise i will pick up the hoover even using an active game programme boxing , tennis and fencing I know it means Buying a wee box but take a pain killer or two before you start is something I used to do , an strap on the controllers they respond to your body movement control the difficulty and speed I am 54 so I don't consider the other benefits of this such as the Boffins agree using these TV games promotes an active brain and it's neuron activity's so helps with Huntingdon's, Parkinson's and most importantly altzimers Best of luck with the 12 week plan ... Me and the wife are looking for a bungalow too as we are both suffering back pain and arthritis a good move for you fighting pain or imbalance in the night worries me when my wife is going up and down the stairs one fall could change the rest of your life x

  • Hope you had a better nights sleep 😊 I cannot walk very much due to arthritis but losing weight is more about the food than the exercise 😊 In five weeks you can make a significant difference 😊 Looking forward to seeing your progress 😊

  • Hey cruising, I found the best way is to get a plan and say that the diet/ exercise plan starts today and not tomorrow, if you get me. Start with a overall goal, so how much you want to loose, then divide it into smaller goals such as keeping to the calorie intake everyday for the week, or loosing a small and healthy amount in the week.

    If you look online there are lots of challenges such as "Strides for success" which is a exercise challenge; it is aimed at horse riders however no horse or experience is required for it and as it is aimed at riders it will improve leg muscles and core muscles helping to strengthen and tone.

    Good luck on your journey and have fun while doing it and never beat yourself up for indulging on a chocolate bar once in a while just take it off your calorie intake and continue.

  • Agree 100% The very occasional treat or meal out an have what you like then back to the diet , without beating yourself mentally it may be a 12 and 1/2 week plan I have done this and know about the guilt trip after!

  • Thanks for all your tips and advice everybody! It's good to know that the support is out there, I'm feeling positive in spite of having a rubbish day today - helping my son out with cleaning and gardening at his place threw my eating plan out the window, but I was busy for most of the day. I'm hoping that this week I shall be in a new stone zone - only 1 and half lbs to lose. I think I'll rephrase that, I KNOW that this time next week i WILL be in a new stone zone!! I hope you all have a good week, and a good weight loss.

  • I sympathise, it all seems daunting. First I would say, get to bed much earlier and put the alarm on for earlier. Early to bed and early to rise is a good tip from childhood. Then use the hour earlier to plan your meals for the day or even for the week. Good lujck

  • Thanks for the tip! I keep meaning to, but at the moment I'm getting too absorbed in the Olympics - should be doing it instead of watching it!! I will try tomorrow, because I must admit I do feel better getting up earlier, just as the world is waking up.

  • Important life changes at 2am!! I totally get you!! The more spontaneous the plans are, the better the result (I always plan to lose weight week after week, until I feel some strange pain in body which scares the crap out of me, I don't really have much determination to lose weight as I struggle to understand calories and measuring etc) ! I've been shying away from weight loss for some time now, because I'm scared of any hidden problems I or the GP (even tho I never go to the doctors, shyness/embarrassed level high/extreme) might find lol (I know scaredy cat!!) I'm happy you've decided to make a change, it's better to do something than ponder over weight gain! I hope you find this journey easy and that you achieve your desired weight fast! Your gonna look and feel amazing!! Good luck!!

  • *you're

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