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Finally some progress!

So I've finally cleaned up my eating after months of letting the weight creep up and feeling grotty. I've been doing the South Beach Diet for a week. I've lost 6 pounds (13st 1 to 12st 8) and feel less tired, sick and headachey! I take 3-4 little lunch boxes to work each day with meals and snacks! And I gobble up a whole cauliflower or broccoli head EVERY DAY.

I started on Phase I (low carb) but given how fast I was losing weight I was worried it wasn't safe so I went to Phase II (low GI but progresses to normal levels of carb). The trick now is to work out how to keep eating like this without thinking about it the whole time and spending forever cooking and shopping...

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Super, well done! ;) Good luck on continuing your good work. x

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Hi Trimtapir2,

Great to see you! Glad you're doing ok, and hope you have a good weekend! :-)

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal. Yes - I kept trying to get started over the last 6 months or so and didn't make it. But this time I seem to be have the right mindset.

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