Hi everyone ,

Well on Sunday I would have been on this diet a week, I have not weighed myself yet but I THINK I have lost weight , But what worries me is I went on line to find a calorie book so I could keep it in my handbag , then I see that I should also be counting fibre , carbs , protein, fat and sugar as well as my calories. Ughhhhh I had no idea I should be doing this .

Please please please can anyone tell me how many of each I'm ment to be having a day , as this has totally blown my mind , it is going to take me forever to work out just one meal!!!! Very busy grandma who needs help .

So sorry to be a pain but I really want to do this the right way.

Also if I am unable to have a sandwich for luck what can I have salad upsets my tummy but that's another story grrrrrr😥

So all help is really appreciated



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  • Hi, it would be so much easier for you to use a tracker app if you want to work out nutritional content as well, you just put the food in and it does it all for you. Lots of people use myfitnesspal, I use one that works with my step tracker. The NHS guide to healthy quantities is here -

    There are lots of meal suggestions in the recipe posts in the pinned section on the right hand side of the page. If you don't want bread at lunch time, I often have a wholemeal pitta with various fillings, or veg sticks and humous followed by fruit and Skyr yoghurt,or melba toasts with low fat Philadelphia and grapes, or poached/boiled egg.

    Good luck with your weigh in!

  • There is an app called My Fitness Pal that makes it very easy. Once you have a user profile there, you can access it from your phone and your computer as well. Very, very easy to use.

  • Hi Pamed,

    I don't bother with all that, I just count calories and that seems to work for me. I started at 15 stone in January and am now 12 stone 6. I would say just try to up your fruit and vegetables (especially the veggies!) and decrease the amount of junk (cake, cookies, potato chips, etc.).

    Good luck! :)

  • Hi Vicky DLM

    Wow that is wonderful you loosing so much weight , I bet you are over the moon!! A very big congratulations and well done !!

    Thank you for all your help , I thought I was doing it all wrong,

    So far I have not cheated at all and I am trying to keep it that way the thought that I was going to have to check everything else as well as calories would have put me off a little to say the least , but just counting the calories is easier .

    A very big thank you for your advice ,keep up the good work


  • Different approaches count different things. I don't know of any diets that count each of those things. The NHS diet just asks you to count calories, for example. If it's going to be sustainable, it can't be too complex.

    For lunch, I find soup really helpful or I pack up the type of meal I'd eat for dinner (leftovers)in a lunch box. On the NHS diet you would be allowed a sandwich, as long as it doesn't have high calories and is made of wholemeal bread. On the diet I'm doing (South Beach), the focus is on protein so omelette would be a good choice. Salads dont' have to include a lot of raw veg if that's what you can't digest. I had a salad of avocado, broccoli, chicken, low cal pesto and chickpeas for lunch today for example.

  • I follow a plan that counts portions, (a certain amount of bread/pasta/rice, so many meat/fish eggs etc) and find it a much easier way to keep track 😊 It is very similar to the British Heart foundation "facts not fads" you can look it up online or order a booklet through the post 😊

    Basically it is about eating a wide variety of foods, plenty vegetables and fruit, and smaller amounts processed foods/cakes/fried food. 😊

    Best wishes 😊

  • I like soup instead of sandwiches. Cup a soup if I m working, low cal tinned soup ( half a can) or I blitz veg with a veg stock cube to make my own. Melba toast goes well or crackerbreads as they are low calorie but fill you up.

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