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Hi, I am new to Health Unlocked and new to structured diet plans. I am into my 2nd week of the NHS diet plan although I did drastically reduce my food intake about a month prior to that. I am used to diets though, i.e. eating less. I am a man of 68, I am 5'11 and weigh 82 kg. I would like to lose about 10kg. My main problem is that I have a large/huge belly, the type sometimes referred to as a beer belly. I drink very little beer, in fact the last beer I had was six weeks ago. Without exaggeration, I look pregnant with twins!!! My belly isn't flabby, it is rather firm.

Whatever I have done before I have successfully lost weight, but never off my belly. In fact the more weight I lose the more pronounced my belly becomes! I walk regularly, about 8 miles a day, so I consider myself reasonably fit. I do not puff or pant when walking and if I had the time I would walk further. I have become very careful about my carbohydrate and starch intake.

So, I wonder is there someone out there who can suggest something that will work, not just in theory but in practise. It would be lovely to hear from someone who has had a similar problem and overcome it.

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated especially as I have become increasingly embarrassed by the way I look. My belly is what triggered my diet in the first place.

Do I need liposuction??

Thank you all for reading this.

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Hi Davidps,

Welcome to the forum, it is a very supportive and inspiring place to be and I would argue one of the best places to visit when losing weight. :)

I too struggle with belly fat and it is very stubborn. You're what's called an 'apple' and there are plenty of us on here that can understand your frustration! I do not, however, have the solution. I can only re-iterate what has been said to me by others, which is; diet and exercise and it has to eventually shrink.

It might be worth talking to your Dr though, so they can check everything is okay and that there isn't another reason for the 'beer belly'. It's more than likely you're fine but it never hurts to get checked out.

Good luck,

Sazkia x


Thank you very much. Yes I will discuss it with my GP but I have been reluctant to make an appointment just for that, I had intended to tie it in the next time I am 'ill'


Just go there, it could be a symptom to something and if you haven't been to the Dr in a while you could tie it in with a request for a check up, if that makes you feel better about going?

Sazkia. x

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Hi David,

I am about the same height as you and only a few years younger. I would love to be down to 82kgs! Maybe it is what you are eating that is causing your belly to be enlarged. Have you seen your GP about it yet?

Normally I would suggest reducing your carbs/starchy foods as I managed to lose 8 inches off of my waistline in the first 5 months on the nhs diet but not everyone is the same.

Could it be gluten intolerence? My partner also is unhappy about her belly and, like you, she is also not overweight so on Monday we will be buying a test kit to see if she is possibly gluten intolerent/coliac desease. If it shows positive she will see the GP before looking at going on any gluten free diet.

There are some other communities on this site that might be able to help you as well David.

Let us know how you get on :-) John

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Hi David's. Good luck with your weight loss. I am sure although you feel fit. If you lost some weight, you will feel better. I have lost 15 pounds and I feel I could run SOMETIMES.!!!! This is a good forum for inspiration and ideas.

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My belly protrudes too and I'm hoping all the activity excercise ive started doing will eventually take effect and it will begin to reduce. Like everyone says take advice from your doc and don't give up as any amount of weight loss is beneficial. I've recently read that Psyllium Husk helps to clean out your gut without bloating. It also has other benefits such as reducing high cholesterol a symptom which I'm also wanting to lower so I will be giving it a go. It would be worth mentioning to your doc, good luck.


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