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First time on the scales in years and it's time to set some goals

Following the advice from members to start the NHS 12 week weight loss plan, I have borrowed my flatmates scales and weighed myself for the first time in a long time. I would say I have always hovered around 13st, probably ranging 6lbs either way. As I understand this weight puts me at the higher end of overweight on the BMI scale. At my slimmest I was around 12st 5lbs and that was just over a year ago, it felt great that all my skirts were too big on the waist and I was having to take them in, I was confident enough to show a bit of midriff too! Now my midriff bulges over the waistband on those same skirts and I struggle to pull them down over my behind.

Todays weigh in was upsetting and I was a little taken aback, but I can't say it was all that shocking in the end. I know I have put on weight and the 14st 6lbs on the scale confirmed that for me. This unfortunately puts me at the obese end of the scale with a BMI of 31.7

Time to set my goals and I'm hoping to get to the 11st mark. I've never been thin, I'm not striving for that either, I just want more than anything to be healthy. I was happy being under 13st, but understand this is still classed at overweight for my body on the BMI scale, so feel the upper end of the healthy range would be suitable for me.

I have started writing down all the things I eat, and even though its the first day I'm recognising the terrible snacking habits I have! The usual routine will consist of me making a cup of tea and having a couple of biscuits with it immediately after my lunch, treating myself to a cupcake left over from my birthday celebrations, and even cooking up hash browns for snacks! I'm definitely putting a end to this.

With a slow start to the morning I went straight into lunch, cooking up rosemary chicken and oven baked ratatouille with a slice of wholemeal bread to mop up the juices. It's a BBC Good Food recipe that serves four, I kept the full amount of veg but only used two chicken breasts. I've eaten half today and will have the other half tomorrow, I figured since the recipe suggested serving this with new potatoes which I have chosen not to have I could double up my portion of the roasted veg without feeling too guilty. I've got bananas in to snack on but do need to visit a supermarket to get some more healthy things I can munch away on, any suggestions are welcome!

I hope I can continue this journey and drop the weight whilst developing healthier eating habits! This community has really inspired me to do something about my health and I'm so thankful for it.

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Hi PhoebeBH and welcome to the forum, and good luck with your weight loss journey.

Here are a couple of previous posts that I thought you might find interesting and helpful for your visit to the supermarket 😊




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Just giving these a read, thank you they're proving really helpful! I've got so much down on my shopping list now. If I can cut out all the biscuits and after dinner treats I'll be over the moon!

Thank you Caz


you are very welcome, we're all in this together!


You have made the first most important step 😊 If you have a read if the Newbies post there us lots of info there 😊 Also check out the link to finding your BMR and target calorie allowance, this could be more than you think 😊

Good luck


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