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Twenty four pounds lost ten to go

I still haven't taken the trouble to count my calories. I am exercising more and eating sensibly. I am still keeping away from wine and beer which is a challenge! I did weaken on holiday. I was offered a complimentary brandy at a restaurant a couple of times.i also drank a double gin that my daughter was going leave as I don't like waste especially when we were in such a lovely bar overlooking the sea. I swam lots though as intended. Is there an easy way to know how many calories simple basic meals are? So,I know a chicken dinner is 500 or whatever to save me having to work everything out to stay in an allowance?"

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Well done on the big weight loss and good luck for the other 10 lbs! ;) I always count more calories in my food by rounding it off to a round number. So for example, I know the packages states a slice of wholemeal bread is 85 calories so I just call it 100 calories and in that way I can be sure not to go over my allowance. I am getting to the stage now that I remember roughly how many calories are in the usual things I eat and if I know it's under 100 but more than 50 I'll round it off. :)


Thank you Sazkia perhaps I am just being lazy as I am sure once I know what things are I won't have to look them up again.

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Well done on your weight loss and pleased you had a good holiday. I personally weigh everything and use both pen and paper and a tracker, but that's me I like recording stuff! You might find this useful for portion sizes -


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