holiday shopping - begun!

My holiday in October (10th to be precise).

Have started my holiday shopping! Though it has had to be online as shops seem to have removed all of their summer stuff already!! Not good timing for those with autumn holidays.

Although I cannot actually afford any of my holiday stuff till September, I've started to compile my baskets, in preparation.

Everything I have put in them is size 14, because I refuse to buy anything a size bigger!

So tired of being the fat friend of the group.

I also have a thorpe par trip this weekend, the weather is supposed to be nice and warm, but I'm having to decide between sweating it out in leggings - due to 'chub rub' - or risking it and wearing shorts...

Just the thought of not even having to debate about it is motivating enough. Just being able to shove on a pair of shorts and not have to think about legs rubbing! I can see it now - no blood, no pain, no soreness and no looking like you're doing something dodgy when you have to apply creams etc in public (when there isn't a toilet near by)

To wear shorts at Thorpe Park and only have the concern of having to peel bare flesh off of the seats!

My soon to be house mate is on a mission to lose weight - so we will motivate each other!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not buy another size 18 or 16 again! (unless I want an oversized hoodie... I always go 2 sizes too big for hoodies)

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  • Enjoy shopping 😊 We go away in February and it's impossible to buy summer clothes so I have treated myself to a couple of dresses 😊 Have fun !

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