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week 1 - Day 4 - Things going ok

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've not been online much I've been busy with the kids (keeping my mind busy) just a quick update to say this week is going ok nhs recommended between 2100-2700 calories a day, I downloaded an app called 'nutracheck' which is just amazing!

I've been Aiming for 2077 a day went over 2 days will add my calories intake for days 1-3 below (over yesterday day 3 as went out for dinner but I font think I went to badly over seeing as it was McDonald's, kids treat)

Day 1-

cals - 2850 (over goal by 773)

Fat - 104g (over goal by 23.8)

Day 2

Cals - 2055

Fat - 72.5

Day 3

Cals - 2719 (over goal by 642)

Fat - 113.4 (over goal by 32.6)

I know not the greatest of results so far but it's got to be less than what I was consuming....

One thing I have done well on is drinking more water! Ive cut out energy drink almost fully (still odd 1) but drinking on averages 2-3 litres of water a day.. I was on less than a pint the rest was all Fizzy.. So I guess it's little improvements atm...

Not sure to feel good or bad on progress so far.... =\

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Hi Sandy

I also use nutracheck and agree it's fab so easy and quick.

Have you checked Kentucy on the nutracheck rediculously high calorie and fat content. Ouch!😂I have been known to partake in Kentucky in the past.

I am 3 .5 weeks in on 1500 per day but coming in on average of 200 - 400 calories per day under and I record everything. I have lost 10lbs upto last Sunday not sure what this Sunday will bring.

Onwards and downwards😊


Hi, I have used the Nutracheck website online diary where you can see exactly what you have been eating, and found it very helpful. You are starting with quite a high calorie allowance, but that is probably sensible, because as you lose weight, it gives you room to manoeuvre - you will eventually drop it to around 1400-1500 calories daily as you lose the weight.

If you eat out at MacDonalds or Kentucky, choose the wraps with a coffee and leave the fries and shakes, for the healthiest option. Good luck!


Keep up the good work! 😊


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