big losers are big gainers indeed!

I started my journey after being unhappy with my weight loss for a while. I wanted to lose 5 kgs to begin with, and lose a dress size. After 4 months, and a few bumps, today I have lost nearly 4 kgs. Although I am yet to lose a dress size, my clothes sit well on me, my friends compliment me saying I look years younger, and I feel lighter. Health wise, today my BMI has just hit the healthy 25 mark. Im writing to say that no feeling is better than this. Every effort, sacrifice has been worth where I am today, and I haven't even reached my self imposed first goal of getting to 65 kgs (I am now 67.8 kgs).

I started my weight loss journey with my friend, both of us fed up with ourselves and wanting to desperately lose weight. I realised after the first week that I wanted to know more than just eating salads.. I needed variety. I needed motivation to keep me going. I needed to latch on to this aim to lose weight more dearly than I have ever done before (I used to joke that I have never lost weight, my constitution was such, I used to say). I needed to take ownership and wanted to make everything I did a lifestyle choice that will stay with me so I don't go back to my scary skirt zip-not-reaching-all-the-way-up (remember I refused to get into size 14!) days.

So along the way, I started reading a lot, talked to a dietician, friends who had lost weight, read many articles from this forum, joined and left WW (my first motivating 2 kg loss came thanks to WW!), started yoga, walking, started keeping a journal of snippets that motivated me (putting down my weight loss aim on that journal was a tough one), abstained from afternoon snacking (which was my binge and the most difficult thing for me), ate smaller portions, kept going back to what worked for me and keeping at it. Every little thing that worked kept me going!

When I was with WW I realised that what kept my focus was the fact that I had to go back on Friday mornings and weight myself, hearing supportive voices and positive stories around me. I found this forum did it in plenty, so I stuck on with this forum. I love the focus of my Monday morning weigh ins, love reading what each of you did to lose weight. It keeps me going..

I'm more focused than ever to make my goals..

My first goal is to be 65 kgs

My second mini goal is to lose 10% of my starting weight, 7 kgs

My final goal would be to lose 10 kgs! Which is so far away today that I can't see it.

But see it, I will, thanks to you all.


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9 Replies

  • wow, so inspiring, well done. you are lucky to have a friend doing it with you, my friend is a bean pole, and eats anything and everything, so she doesnt need to lose weight. The monday weigh-in is very helpful, almost like going to a meeting. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for your inspiring words! my daughter is a lean thing walking around, taunting me! So I know what you mean. She eats a lot and also works out a lot - which is scary sometimes but in a good sort of way.

  • Fantastic post Satsu. Keep your eye on that 10kg goal because by the sound of your post you will most definitely achieve it. You sound very focused and determined. You know what you have to do and I am positive that you will get there. This forum helped me achieve my goal so sure it will you too. Very best of luck to you :)

  • Thank you muffintop67! Well done on achieving yours! I will sure write about it when I achieve mine, so watch this space.

  • Great post Satsu all about self awareness - what makes us tick and how we can harness that to improve our well being. I'd wish you luck but you don't need that you've got strategies and motivation - you're sorted woman!

  • Will always welcome a dose of luck! Thank you :)

  • Hi Satsu,

    Your post is really inspiring, many Congratulations on your achievements, and to attaining a healthy BMI.

    Good luck with your final goals, you are on your way to achieving them too!

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal! I'm part of your Monday morning weigh ins and I love reading what you and everyone else had done to lose weight! So you have kept me on track! Onwards and downwards!

  • I know you are Satsu, and I am really thrilled for you - you are an inspiring member of the group! :-) Onwards and downwards! :-)

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