Weight Loss Rambling Thread

I started putting weight on back in the 80's due to an undiagnosed heart problem which was misdiagnosed as an underactive thyroid.

My heart problem wasn't diagnosed until the 90's when I was about 5 stone overweight.

I now treat the heart problem with T3 which was prescribed for a few weeks after a cardiac arrest but my weight goes up and down overnight by half a stone without the T3...with it I have been able to lose weight at a steady loss of around 1lb a week.

I'm aiming to add to this thread with my progress report and hopefully this will help others on here


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12 Replies

  • Hello

    Glad to hear you are now on the correct treatment and losing weight 😊 Looking forward to hearing your updates 😊

  • Great to hear that!

  • I have dropped my levothyroxine down to 75mcg and 25mcg T3 eight hourly.

    My daytime naps have vanished and sleeping soundly and waking refreshed and ready to get on with my day,

    Prior to starting T3 early April I had trouble walking to our refuse bin area (about 10 yards) and was having severe giddiness and falls several times a day.

    I can now easily walk to our local grocery store...a round trip of about a mile.

  • That's great news Nancy :)

    How's your weight loss coming along?

    I hope that you've found your way around the site and have been able to access our Welcome Newbies thread and have seen how our monday group weigh-in works, which, of course, you'd be very welcome to join :)

    Wishing you continued improvement :)

  • I only weigh myself once a month so you'll have to wait till September for another update...lol

  • Oh my goodness, how do you resist hopping on the scales?! The not knowing would kill me! :)

  • I have a very unco-operative thyroid right now. It is fast or slow depending how my heart related stuff is going on. I'm treating the heart stuff but until that's more sorted I'm not fretting about weight loss....just don't want to put any more on :)

  • That sounds very sensible to me :)

  • That's all sounding very posituve GosportNancy 😊 Looking forward to September update 😊 My weight also goes up and down a lot so I try to only 'count' the monthly trend but it's hard to resist jumping on the scales!! 😊

  • It is hard to avoid jumping on the scales for me too, so I hear you. Just didn't want to post my weight when my thyroid has a hissy fit or people here might think I have eaten all the pies lol

  • Putting on weight now...not sure if that is a thyroid thing or not. Just prior to moving to Eastbourne back in 2014 my levothyroxine dose was 250mcg and I am now on 125mcg which is all my GP will prescribe currently.

    Since it is a new month starting soon I am going to increase the dose to 150mcg and have another look at what is going on at the end of September, Luckily I have a bit of a stash in the kitchen...lol

    I am planning to get a blood test done through an established testing company and will wait now until I see some positive changes before doing that

  • I do my own monthly weigh in so jumped on the scales first thing this morning.

    So...in August I have put on 9lbs

    Hopefully the scales might tell a happier story in October

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