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11 Weeks until my wedding


Hello, thought i'd come on here for a bit of support. I'm getting married soon and know I will feel a lot better if i were at least a stone lighter and more toned. I started counting my calories last week (1,400 per day) but thought that joining this forum would give me the extra help that I need!

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Mollydex4 stone

Congratulations , how lovely :-)

I am sure you will get lots of support from this lovely forum . How many weeks off is the wedding ? If you look in the pinned posts on the right of the screen you will we a welcome newbies letter , it has lots of fab getting you started info in there it's a great place to start .

Himart in reply to Mollydex

I'm following the newbie post now. Thanks :) Wedding is just shy of 11 weeks

Hidden4 stone

Hi and welcome,

This is a great place for support. :)

You can lose a stone but when is your wedding? Have you checked out the NHS BMI calculator? If not, use that and it'll tell you how much, if any, weight you need to lose and how much calories you should eat to lose, maintain or gain weight. Good luck. x

Himart in reply to Hidden

Hi there, My wedding is 15th Oct. I looked at the calculator and I should be a stone lighter to be a healthy weight. And, stick to a daily calorie intake of 1,450 cals. Which I know that i will find difficult :0

Hidden4 stone

You could consume a diet that has more calories, making sure that they're calories from healthy food, then exercise the excess off. I think that's how I will handle my smaller calorie allowance when I've lost enough weight. At the moment I can eat a max of 2000 calories but that's because I'm quite big at the moment. I've lost 9 lbs so far. I intend to loose another 5 stone and 5 lbs till I reach a healthy BMI. :) x

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, a stone is really do- able honestly, use the tools on here and keep posting its great moral support...

Himart in reply to dish70

Thanks for saying it's do-able. I know a stone isn't that much to lose really. I have just got to break out of the bad habits I have gotten in to... and they are very comforting at times! :0


If you exercise as well you will build muscle and improve fitness as well as burning fat 😊 Have you checked out the newbies post? It has links to finding your BMR and target calories 😊

Good luck! 😊

Himart in reply to IndigoBlue61

Brilliant. I will definitely check those out. Exercise is something I must do to get rid of my bingo wings!!!

I've been on the Soulmate Food Wedding Plan, it's working out really well, I've lost a lot of weight and because I bought a 12 week plan upfront they gave me 20% off too. They're really nice and helpful and it's all tailored to you and delivered straight to your door. It's freshly made too, not just horrible ready meals. I really love it and I feel great. Have a look on their website :)

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