"You look fine!"

Don't you just love the people who decide to dictate how much weight you should lose? Some people are very supportive, complimentary.. some people ignore your accomplishments and changes altogether, and both are fine. But some people.. those that ask "Why do you want to lose anymore? You look fine!" or my favorite "Don't lose anymore or you're going to look sick!" even when I'm still 15 pounds above the "Normal BMI" as recommended by medical professionals. Why can't people just let me be? If I say I want to lose 15 - 20 more pounds, leave me alone! If I start to look sick and drawn, trust me, I'll stop! I am far from having an eating disorder... this is why it's taking me forever to get rid of .4, or .2 a week... I like food too much. Trust me, your "concern" is noted and appreciated, but please.. keep it to yourself!! (Personal note, I'm down 43.6 pounds since January, 16)

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  • Well done, 46 lbs is an excellent loss! Bet you look fantastic! 😊 People who say negative things are either genuinely concerned or feel bad about themselves, you do what feels right for YOU!!

    Best wishes

  • well done, that is great.

    I believe this is where my weight problem stems from. When i was growing up my parents used to always say i was skinny and that i didnt need to lose weight, and that my belly was just puppy fat. Needless to say my puppy fat turned it to Adult fat and continued to grow!

  • I guess they're just concerned or maybe they feel like they're being comforting. I don't think there's any malice there. It might also be that they feel a little negative about their own weight and you losing your extra weight is making them feel insecure? If so, that's their issue not yours. You know what you're doing and like you've said, you check your BMI and you know if you're over doing it or not, no-one else.

    Well done on your weight loss and good luck on losing the rest of your extra weight. x

  • I've had the same, just smile and do what makes YOU happy 😊 Congrats on your achievements so far, you will know when to stop and maintain.

  • Well done, thats excelent work and yes it can be annoying when people say oh you dont need to lose anymore :P

    One thing I will say (as this is a bit of a pet hate of the health guides) be careful of BMI stats. I am 1st 4lb away from the upper limit of a healthy bmi and have had a body fat test, I dont even have 1st 4lb of fat on my body anymore ... so yeah by all means keep going just be careful with BMI (I dont like it)

  • I just wanted to say go with how you feel in yourself and stop at what point you feel comfortable. I have been to a healthy bmi and I have never had so many people say I look ill. Personally I do think bmi is a good guide ,but only a guide, because we are all different builds, shapes and sizes. Massive well done what an achievement xx😀

  • Its funny because until last week this had never happened to me. I was 18 stone in Feb 2015 when I started. Now I am 11 stone 10lbs and to be classed as NHS healthy weight I need to be 10stone 10 for my height. Last week when I collected my Tesco order the Tesco man said i looked just right now 😏 I didn't tell him I am actually trying to get to 10 stone!

    But it was certainly nice to get a compliment although he's one of those charmers who hands out compliments like sweeties 😂

  • I couldn't agree more! Every week my mum tells me that I shouldn't lose any more weight or I'll look drawn and ill and I look fine as I am. I've still got a good stone and a half to go before I reach my goal weight (I've lost 4 stone so far) to reach the top-range of my "Normal BMI"

    Arghhh! It's not helpful!

    It's my body and I know when I feel happy with it!

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