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Probably a silly question... but

Morning everyone.

This might be a silly question but was just working out calories for today. I have some sweet potatoes and was thinking I might bake one for lunch. When I checked the calorie counter it is 115k for a baked potato and only 84k if you boil or steam it. Does anyone know why there is such a difference?

Apologies if I'm being thick. It is Monday morning :-) x

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I'm not sure either but at a guess it might be for the skin which you leave on for baking but remove for boiling?

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I agree with aussiegirl. ☺


Thank you both. That could possibly be it. I tend to use new potatoes and leave the skins on. Only started using sweet potatoes recently :-) x


It's because you're looking at the cooked calories rather than the raw calories. There is less water in a baked sweet potato as it sort of condenses in the oven, I think some of the water weight evaporates out. For this reason I find it less confusing to just go with pre-cooked weights...


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