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I suffer from depression! I eat because I am down, my tables make me gain weight so I get more down so you guessed it I eat more! Starting week 1 today need to lose 4st to be a healthy weight and hoping the exercise and eating better will give me the lift I need.

Strange feeling writing this want to have a little cry but also feel a bit proud that I am moving the right way (fingers crossed)

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Hello mooninmoonpie

Please don't feel down , I started today but it is learning time for me to

It's counting all the calories that gets me down , seem to spend most of my day thinking about food when I am trying not to think about it , never know what to eat for the best ,but I will try hard this time

Good luck I'm sure you can do it x

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Hello both! Have you got the free myfitnesspal ap? It does all the counting of calories for you.

You can then enjoy planning what you are going to eat and it becomes more fun trying to work out balancing good nutrition alongside a few tasty treats.

I usually plan my whole day's food and log it on myfitnesspal in the morning and then do my utmost to stick to it - seems to work out OK most days.


Thank you Pamed,

I know what you mean about the calorie counting! I am sure you can do it to.

Good luck xx


Thank you to both of you , hope your day went well ,

Trying very hard have not got the app but will look for it now .

God I hate all this but needs must , got to get rid of this jelly belly lol

2 stone to loose grrrrrr xx


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