Preparing for day 1 Advice/Help Needed

Hey everyone I'm New on here and would appreciate any helpful tips or advice you may have for me?

Do you follow the recommended calories the calculator gave you as mine seems really high? Not sure if that's as i have over 10st to shift or if its a bit glitchy??

Whats you Top Tip or weight loss life line??.... i have low self esteem and struggle with my will power but i really really want to loose this weight now I've got a year until i get married and really don't wanna be this big!

I could use some advice, tip and hints on getting started and staying on track week one, I have PCOS which makes things difficult, i'm also currently not able to get much exercise as i have Degenerative Disc disease, i also have Epilepsy but i believe loosing weight will really improve my current quality of life...

This is what i have done to prepare so far -:

I've printed week 1 and read it thoroughly

I've done a Menu for week one and got it being delivered Monday Morning


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  • Hi Sandy, it looks that you already started to plan ahead which I find it really important in order to lose weight. Exercise is important however is you stick to the calories advised in the programme you will definitely lose weight, exercise always helps of course. Whatever you can do, chores around the house, activities that you find comfortable and wonΒ΄t cause you pain.

    What I could suggest is, plan your meals ahead (which you are already doing), donΒ΄t skip meals-snacks, drink lots of water, track what you eat as you are eating it that is a fantastic tool to look back and see what works and doesnΒ΄t for you and your weight loss...and give us a shout if you get stuck there are always lots of people on this forum willing to help and give great advise.

  • hi Sandy and welcome to the forum.

    My tips would be to measure and weigh yourself over the weekend and also take a photo of yourself too, you will find these motivational as you start to lose weight, feel healthier and change shape.

    You have started to plan your meals and that is good. I would also suggest you clear your cupboards of all of the unhealthy snacks and foods and anything containing added sugar. Cut out cakes, biscuits, sweets and reduce your intake of potatoes, rice, pasta and bread.

    As for your daily calories then I would recommend that you aim to consume no more than the lower amount in the range they give to you. For example my calorie recommendation was between 1800 and 2400. I stuck to around 1400-1600 a day and steadily lost 2lbs a week.

    This is a life changing chance for you Sandy and it is your choice. You do not need to start thinking you have to exercise to start to lose weight as weight loss starts in the kitchen. As you lose weight and your confidence grows then look to increase your exercise, there are lots of fun challenges posted by the members on here.

    Congratulations on your wedding for next year, ten stones in twelve months? I believe you can do it, but you have to really want to do it. It works out at around a kilo a week and that is achievable IF you follow the plan on here. You will find you will not go hungry as you start to replace unhealthy choices with healthy choices and start to exercise.

    Join us for the Monday weigh in as well, it all starts with the first step and the first pound lost :-)

    Have a great weekend !


  • Hi,

    Thankyou so much for Replying, I've joined the Monday weigh-in group and will be having big clear out this weekend ! =)

    I think if I really set my mind to it I can loose some of this weight too! Thankyou for your encouragement it's a nice boost for me xx

  • I would start out at the higher amount of calories and see if you lose weight, you can always reduce it later 😊 Eating enough to not feel deprived is important for long term success 😊

    Exercise is useful but it's more important to eat properly, as you lose weight you will feel more energised and moving will become easier 😊 If you do anything then start slowly, just 5 or 10 minute walks are enough to start off 😊

    If you can, my advice is enjoy the journey, don't focus too much on the numbers or the end result 😊 Aim for 10% of body weight off, proven to improve health and well being 😊

    Best wishes 😊

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply good idea on not focusing on numbers seeing how far I've got to go can be a bit daunt!

    On Monday I will work out my 10% and will use that as myfirst goal.

    Thanks for the support xl

  • It depends what you mean by high. I've lost almost six stone on around 2000 calories a day. You definitely don't need to restrict yourself to 1200 calories to lose weight (particularly if you have ten stone to lose).

    Eat lots of vegetables. The bulk and the fibre content will keep you full. It's easier to stay committed if you're not hungry.

    Plan your treats. If you're a chocoholic, allocate some calories for a small chocolate bar. It's easier to avoid giving in to temptation if you haven't given up everything you enjoy.

    Think about swaps for unhealthy foods you enjoy. If there's something you're going to miss, look for ways to make it lower calorie and healthier. Ask for suggestions if you're not sure.

    Just focus on doing the best you can today and think about losing the next pound. If you do that every day, eventually you'll have lost all the pounds.

    Exercise sounds more of a challenge. Are you able to walk? It might be worth asking your GP to refer you for advice on exercise that is safe for you to do.

    Never give up, even if you have a bad day. If you eat something you shouldn't, accept you're human, forgive yourself and move on. Don't use it as an excuse to give up or write off the rest of the day or the week because you've ruined your diet.

    Good luck. You've done the hardest part by deciding to do this. Believe in yourself; you can do it.

  • Thankyou for Replying.

    Exercise currently is very difficult I use crutches with assistance and wheelchair when I'm out as the pain is pretty severe...but I can ask my carers to help me do 10mins a day to start with.

    I'm actually starting to look forward to Monday now usually when I know I'm gonna diet I dread it... I'm feeling reallpositive.

    Thankyou xx

  • Good luck Sandy and just do not think of this as a diet. It is a lifestyle change that will reward you with improved health and mobility that, at this time, you cannot imagine you can achieve. You can achieve it and you do deserve it :-)

  • Thanks roll on Monday i'm hoping i don't have a lapse of will power or anything I've got my colouring books at the ready in case of boredom!

  • I found that reading the posts on this forum helped both in giving good tips and advice and also stopped me thinking about food :-)

  • You are sounding very determined.

    Large print word search make a change too

  • Morning sandycox

    When i started out last year I was walking with two sticks after surgery. I got great advice from the Physio, do you see one? Did you realise you can self refer? They can advise on lots of different aspects of movement and fitness 😊

  • I Was under physio for 6 months prior so my back going completely in December, They were trying to improve my range of movement unfortunately it didn't help, I saw the hospital physio for 6 weeks daily as an inpatient from December-January which did help alot! however since coming home there has been no further input!

    i may give my GP a call and ask him if he can do a referral for community Physio see if that can help.

    Thanks for replying i hadn't even thought about physio to be honest x

  • You have my sympathy, I have never had back trouble until 6 weeks ago, it was THE most painful thing I have ever had 😒😒😒 so you do absolutely right to take things gently 😊 good luck!

  • Thanks I've had Back trouble since i was 14 (Got hit by a car) then at 15 had a nasty fall through 3 fence panels from my horse.. injured my spine and its all been downhill since then..

    I tried to not let it b other me for years but in December (28th to be exactly) it went completely i couldn't feel my legs, loss control of my bladder and was in hospital until Feb!

    obviously i can feel my legs and have control on other things now too but the back... just pain every day even with the pain meds but i know loosing weight will help..

    I've put on 3 stone since December as before then i was riding, mucking out horses, was actually pretty active but now i'm desperate the heavier i get the more pain i'm in xx

  • Sounds dreadful πŸ˜• And it's bound to get you down πŸ˜• but losing weight is a positive step, 😊 Like I said it's more about eating than exercise so you will soon see and feel a difference 😊 You have a whole year so plenty of time to change to develop good "lean" habits 😊

  • HI Sandy,

    Hi again, I know you found the Monday group weigh-in thread, which is great, and I hope you saw my reply to you there.

    Good luck and have a great weekend. I can't add anything to what has already been said, some great suggestions, but I"d also say have a look at our Welcome Newbie post - it's in the top right-hand-side of the homepage, and it's an inspiring read.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for the reply will check newbie post out

  • As you may be aware, your nutritional needs will change as you lose weight. If you cut back too far too soon your body will respond by shelving non-essential systems to conserve energy in an attempt to avoid what it perceives as starvation. So, don't worry too much at this stage if your calorie intake seems high provided it allows you to lose some body fat.

    One or two weeks each month, increase your natural fat intake to a level that allows you to maintain your weight, so that your body doesn't get used to being on a low calorie intake that leads to the aforementioned slowing of metabolism.

    When you are ready to resume weight loss, you will need to reassess your intake in light of changes such as body fat loss and activity levels. Inevitably your energy intake needs will lower as your body mass lowers, so don't wish it on yourself too soon, and enjoy any changes you do decide to make :-)

  • Thanks for your reply

    was just shocked when my calorie intake came up at 2153-2768 not thought of increasing Natural 1/2 week sa month may i ask how you do this please?

  • I don't count calories; I adjust my portion sizes and/or number of avocado, nuts, olive oil, cheese, double cream, butter, crackling, meat/fish/poultry fats and so forth.

    I'm happy with my current weight, so in practice don't do much adjusting.

  • Where do I find out how many calories I should have please?

  • My calorie intake just came out at 1988 - 2556, so I'll start at 2,000 for 1st week and see how I go.

  • I've also got 10+ stone to lose, starting my 12 week plan on Monday 1st August. Seems from the comments of others that this works - Good luck for your journey. x

  • Same to you xx

    Gonna follow you on here so cam support eachother xxx

  • Hi Sandy, how is it going for you so far? I'm on 2000+ calories at the moment, will reduce if too high next week. Only had a little blip today (Choc Bisc x 2) so had to adapt the rest of the day's menu to fit allowance. Let me know how you got on today. x

  • Hey sorry I haven't been on for a couple of days things are going well, went over my calories intake yesterday so gonna try cutting back.thevrest of the week to allocate for that. Found a great tracking app called nurtacheck which I log everything on which is great =)

    How's the rest if your week going? X

  • Hi Sandy,

    Had a good few days, not doing much exercise yet though - just a bit of walking (at my size, that's enough for me!) When I am tempted to eat something unhealthy, I I want it more than I want to lose weight for my daughter's wedding? At the moment this is helping me stick to my calorie allowance. Hope you are still feeling positive.

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