Hi everyone, thought I'd say hello.

Just started the 12 week plan after realizing at 51yrs old I am now 10st 3lb, GP say's I'm borderline diabetic and have raised blood pressure. I want to reduce these by my next appointment in 3 week for a check up. I don't want to end up on medication to control either blood pressure or diabetes. I'm relatively fit (or so I thought) until I did a 15 min dancersize this morning in a half -hearted fashion.

I hate the gym, love swimming and walking but find the motivation just eludes me.

I eat quite well :-D but I smoke and drink a couple of glasses of wine per night.

Ooops a daisy !!

Wish me luck !!


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  • Hi and welcome. First step is to read the 'newbies' post in the pinned section on the right hand side of the screen. Luckily I managed to give up smoking over a year ago and exercise is less of a problem now that I don't get out of breath. I too thought 'I ate quite well ' until I really got into the 12 week plan, started counting calories and read lots of posts on here. It's amazing how much my eating habits have changed and what I have learnt. This really does work if you stick with it, so good luck!

  • im still struggling with getting the plan here on line--I finally got to home page and signed up for weekly newsletter--but I don't think diet is in there--everytime I download goes to temporary files--in media center--I try to open and cant--im getting really ready to just fiorget it00shouldnt be this hard-MmeT

  • hi madametobacco49 if you've signed up to the newsletter you should get it in your inbox via e mail. In the meantime here is a link to the appropriate page, just click on 'download all 12 weeks' and you will be able to read the plan or print it off.


  • that's exactly where I been going and trying--must be my computer--I know I seem like an idiot but Im not I swear--will it be in newsletter?? Makes me so mad--dyin to have a peek MmeT

  • Welcome diluca - you've come to the right place :-) Good luck on your journey to better health. I suggest you join us on the Monday group weigh-in :-) See you around.

  • Hi Diluca

    Apart from the 12 week plan, have a look at Michael Mosely's "Blood Sugar Diet" to help combat the health problems.

    But changes to what you eat will not help if you do not give up smoking....

  • Good luck and welcome diluca,

    Yes, motivation is the key and you will find it in shed loads on this forum.

    It is about changing your lifestyle and eating habits. As for the wine then I found that by giving this up during the week it really helped as I could not stop at just 2 glasses, (depends on the size of glass of course), and at around 600 calories a bottle it wrecks any diet.

    Get your weight down to where you want to be and then enjoy your glass of vino again!

    John :-)

  • Oh John I wish I could stop through the week, I just get soo bored of tea by 8 -9 o'clock. I do only have the 'light' variety of wine like country manor 5.5 but it all adds up. Thanks for your input and good luck on your progress X

  • I know what you mean ! I have been good all week and just now about to sit down in the garden for a glass, (or two), of wine, something I have been looking forward to all week :-) Have a lovely Sunday - John

  • Hello

    I always thought I ate healthily but I also ate too much! Maybe just tweak on the portion size, and like kantara71 suggests, maybe save the vino for weekends? 😊

    Smoking is a very difficult one to stop, can the GP offer any help?

    Good luck!

  • Welcome and good luck!

    If you're not logging the food you eat (e.g. using Lose It! or My Fitness Pal), you might find that useful. If you're trying to reduce your blood pressure and blood glucose, you probably want to look at your nutrients as well as reducing your calories.

  • I do use MFP it's very good, I just need to make sure I eat regular too, Thanks for your input x

  • Thanks for all your replies. I joined a local gym today :-D Go me go me !!

    Stopping smoking all together is very unlikely but I will be cutting down and reducing both the vino and portion sizes.

    Reading posts to the group is giving me motivation and will hopefully keep me motivated.

  • Hi Diluca which gym did you join as I've joined but really need a gym buddy to motivate me. I've joined Adwick leisure centre. If it's the same gym maybe we could join one of the classes or go gym.



  • Good luck!

  • Hi Diluca. I've just started here too. I am also in my fifties and enjoy a glass of wine. I also considered I ate a healthy diet but since I've written down what I do eat I have found that the choices aren't bad but just more than I need. So I have tweaked my portion sizes and am still satisfied after a meal. Also increased the amount of exercise - doing the Couch Potato to 5k and joined a local aerobics class once a week - so hopefully I will see a difference in a few weeks. Good luck with your journey :-).


  • Thanks Carol, yes same here. I have decided to use a small plate. I often know I'm full but an't help not wanting to leave anything on my plate. I also joined a gym and have done bits of exercise during the day. Good luck to you hope it all goes according to plan

    Diane x

  • Haha it is that not leaving anything on your plate thing isn't it. As kids we were never allowed to leave anything. And old habits die hard :-). But we can make new habits. x

  • It's also that thing were I still think I'm cooking for a family I still do the same amounts and expect it to be eaten between 2 lol.

    I also need to eat more regularly, I tend to never have breakfast or anything very often until the evening meal. That has got to change.

  • That's tricky. It took me ages to get used to not having children at home. I have got used to cooking for myself these days. Often it's hit and miss, but I am trying to be organised and have proper meals rather than just snack my way through the day :-)

  • Hey! Nice to meet you. I'm new too. I'm fifty two and have gone up several dress sizes in just a couple of years. I'm here to get thinner and fitter!

  • Hi Ruby8

    Yes very naughty how the pounds creep up on us when we reach a certain age. Good luck with your mission, you will feel better for the healthy changes you make.

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