“Hi I’m Shana & I’m a food addict”

“Hi I’m Shana & I’m a food addict”

So I’m going to try use this page as a bit of a diary to form the basis of my weight loss and healthier life style. I need somewhere to vent out my frustrations as a food addict. Because essentially, that is exactly what I am. I am addicted to food. I’m addicted to the feel good endorphins. I currently weigh 13st 2 lbs which is roughly 84kgs. I stand at 5ft 3.5 which is around 163cm. I have a BMI of 31.4 and classed as obese. I also have prediabetes.

I’m a YOYO dieter with good intensions of being healthy & happy but never quite stick at it long enough to reap the benefits. I have a somewhat active lifestyle & love walking the fells with my dog. I go horse riding twice a week, try to do jogging or some sort of exercise 3 times a week. I was a regular at bootcamp but due to going back to study a Masters I don’t have the time or money for the gym. I have signed up to the challenge of doing a 10k trail run in Keswick on my 24th Birthday in September! (Wish me luck)

I’m generally a happy bubbly person when my world isn’t centred around food, losing weight or trying to fit into a bikini. I get super frustrated with myself because I have lost weight before. Even if it wasn’t quite the right way of doing so, I lost it. So I know what it’s like to be the slimmer version of me. I worry less. I laugh more. I’m more care free. My attitude is just different because I don’t have to wear a mask to hide anything. When I say anything I mean my fat. I know it’s about loving yourself and also feeling confident in the skin you’re in. But I don’t. I get out of breath from walking up stairs. I sweat more. I feel heavy. I feel awful. I can’t love my body when I don’t feel the love back.

So I do apologise if you follow me, and it’s all about ME. But that’s why I’m here to focus on me and help others by supporting each other. If you’re cool with that, then: “Hi, I’m Shana and I’m a food addict.”


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16 Replies

  • Thank you! I definitely want to make good choices and accept a healthier me :)

  • Good luck, I know exactly how you feel

  • Thank you! We're all in it together.

  • Hi Shana, welcome :)

    I am Marco and I am a food addicted (this is why I love running, it burns calories :) but it was not enough and I have recently joined this community with the same intentions of using it as a diary. Good luck with your goals and have a nice day :)

  • Thanks Marco! Good luck :)

  • Hi Shana!

    It sounds like you are very honest with yourself and open about what your food-related/dieting issues are - I think that's really important and a great start. I knew when I started that my main issues were HUGE portions and snacking - I never felt happy unless I was completely stuffed, and I struggled to ever feel completely stuffed, hehe! I had too much s&@t food far too frequently. I am also a food addict I think. A lot of my emotional well-being was linked to food, and I used food to deal with all my emotions - if I was happy about something I'd celebrate with food; if I was sad I'd comfort eat; if I was angry I'd raid the cupboards; if I was feeling run down I'd binge; if I was bored I'd nibble etc...

    I looked at the NHS 12 week plan, but knew from the start that it would ultimately have to be a lifestyle reboot that I could stick with beyond the weight loss - although I'm still on quite strict calorie counting now as I'm still losing weight, I really do think I've cracked lot of my bad habits and made new ones (this is week 14 for me and I've lost 2 stone so far, with about half a stone to go to be properly 'healthy' (or a whole stone to really get into the healthy BMI range!). I'd already completed the NHS couch-2-5k plan before I started weight loss, and I'd highly recommend it. The exercise helps, and the huge confidence boost it gives you with the manageable achievements is immense!

    The first couple of weeks of the healthy eating plan were really really tough - I found recommended portion sizes absolutely tiny, and I felt hungry so much it made me feel like I'd fail. But I struggled through and kept looking at this forum to boost my willpower. After a couple of weeks I realised I wasn't as hungry anymore (having a drink definitely helps with this - make a cuppa or have some water and then see after half an hour if you really are still hungry!), and the portions seemed satisfying. I also really slowed down my eating, to the point of actually setting a time goal (I aimed for 25-30mins for dinner, whereas I used to scoff it all down in about 5mins!). I'd keep putting my plate down to have a sip of my drink, and I'd take my time with small forkfuls and chewing everything properly. It sounds silly, but it made a huge difference psychologically and helped me realise I wasn't still 'starving', and I enjoyed my food more.

    Another thing that I feel has helped is that I never made any foods "off limits", it's just a case of planning for things (if I'm going to have a doughnut after tea then I make sure my lunch is super healthy, and maybe have one of my lower calorie dinner options e.g. stir fry rather than sausage and chips!). This has meant that I don't feel I've had to give up all the things I used to love. It also means that when I get to the point of maintaining rather than losing weight I won't suddenly go back to old habits because I'm desperate for nice things again (fingers crossed!).

    My main strategy has been planning. I use the MyFitnessPal app and I log EVERYTHING I eat and drink. I started out putting things in after I had them, but for a while now I've actually planned all my eating in advance, at least the day before. I include snacks and treats in my planning so I know I won't get to the end of the day with no calories left but still hungry! I can now make changes as I go along, as I've got more used to how many calories everything has and what is likely to fill me up most and for longest, but for a while I was really strict about sticking to my plans, so that I could reset my brain and get used to new habits. It meant I could have meals and snacks I'd enjoy and not fail on the programme by going over my daily allowance.

    Use the NHS BMI calculator to see how many calories you should be eating to lose weight - I've stuck to the lower-mid end of the range, but I know from other people that eating as much as you can while still losing weight is a really good thing long term, so see what works for you. You'll also have to keep checking your calorie allowance as you lose weight, as it will sadly decrease!

    Sorry for the huge rambling reply - if any of it is useful to you then that's great! Good luck and keep updating us! :)

  • Thank you so much Heather, everything you said related to me somehow and really helps. That's some great advice and very thankful you wrote it all down.

    Well done you for sticking to it and losing the weight! Hopefully, I'll be able to follow suit.

  • Really useful advice in here 😊

  • Good morning, Found your post really interesting. portion size is such an issue, what we should eat and actually do (well me anyway) ...is way too big. I admire anyone who does it and sticks to it. We do differ on "off limit foods"....I adapt a different way, I just don't have them. That's because basically we are all different and we know how we ourselves tick......I love the disciple of saying no to that cake.....but that's just how I roll.....

  • I've ended up with foods I don't really have anymore, because it's just not worth trying to fit them into my plan. And luckily I've found other things I love instead!

    I also like the feeling of knowing I've resisted things, it's much more rewarding than scoffing a packet of biscuits then feeling guilty isn't it?! I just sometimes like to plan ahead for some treats (the occasional drink, a packet of crisps, my essential chocolate-hit of a Freddo!).

    Completely agree that were all different and need to find what works for us, that's the most important thing ☺

    Good luck with your journey!

  • Dear Shana,

    You seem nice and young like me, I began this programma with BMI 30 and after the 4 months I dropped my BMI below 25. It's currently 24.7. I am always the same person, 13 kgs didn't change my persona or my positive attitude, however as you said in your post, frustration and sadness are round the corner when it comes to buy new clothes, wear a bikini and such.

    This programme works and most amazing thing is that you'll learn how to eat properly and stay healthy. I'm not the only succeful person, if you scroll down and ready less recent posts you'll see pics of people before and after and the result is shocking.

    It takes a while and loads of patient, motivation, strengh but if I succeded and other people did, I am sure you'll be also succesful.

    All the best of luck!

  • Thanks so much Teresina08!

    That is very encouraging to hear and I am really looking forward to sharing my journey. Well done to you!

  • Hi, you've already had some great advice, so I will keep it short, weigh everything, record everything, drink plenty of water, use 'swaps' , lots of useful suggestions here - healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    and enjoy your exercise, hey presto slimmer, fitter you! Good luck!

    ps Lovely dog 😊

  • Fantastic first post Shana03 very open and honest 😀 all I can add to all your fantastic replies is welcome and good luck 👍 I look forward to seeing your progress 😆 Claire x

  • Hi, don't beat yourself up, life is a journey, full of ups and downs. It's how we cope with the down's and then our relationship with food. If I have a hard/bad day at work, I can think oh blow it and dive for something that is 'bad' and overeat. I think in some ways that's quite normal. I have mentioned before that someone once told me 'nothing tastes better than slim. I truly believe that.......You know hen you wake up in the morning you often think 'how did I do yesterday? Did I overeat, did I eat the wrong things, did I stay within my daily allowance? If the answer is yes, you do get that feel good factor.....That is worth all the effort.

  • Welcome Shana - all the best on your journey. You are in excellent company. This is such a supportive forum. I run a couple of challenges - one that is weight related (Autumn Equinox) and one that is exercise related (Kilometre Zero). You can join my challenges at any time - you'll see the recent threads in the 'Pinned Posts'.


    :) :) :)

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