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Planning evening meals ahead

I always try to plan my weekday evening meals ahead to avoid panic solutions and this is what next week's plan looks like for me as I stumbled on bbcgoodfood website yesterday :-) I should warn you that I am a pesco-ovo-vegetarian meaning I eat fish and eggs but not meat. I should also say that I have fish almost every day for lunch as a work in a place where a really healthy lunch is served every day. I am so lucky!

Feel free to share your meal plans too - even if they aren't vegetarian - inspiration is welcome :-)

Monday: Chili-stuffed peppers with feta topping: bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/chi...

Tuesday: Egg and potatoes bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/558...

Wednesday: Spiralized Singapore noodles (leaving out the ham): bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/spi...

Thursday: Wholegrain pita bread with homemade low-fat hummus bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/194... and lots of greens.

Friday: Pizza: goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/53...

1. august: I have added a photo of my Monday dinner :-)

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Sneaked here, when I saw your name pop up...I love BBC Good Food.. I subscribe to the magazine.. and even had a supper party menu featured when they did a Readers Supper Club article a few years back!!!

Liking your meal plan.. I do a two week block and mix and match too..:) Your choices sound yummy.. we are still doing the low carb, Michael Moseley diet, which I sent you a link to. :)

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Oldfloss, you're a runner and a gourmet!

I couldn't get the BSD book at my local library and decided to live without and just generally cut down the starchy and sugary carbs as he suggests on his website- they are generally useless calories - no good for a Speedy Gonzales, superwoman type of runner like me :-) :-). Are you just following his general advice on what to eat or are you also following his very low calorie recommendations? I admit I haven't tried it, but 800 calories seems like very, very little, and a lot less than the NHS recommends.

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We are following, but loosely... it is very like the Mediterranean diet, we follow anyway...( sugar and salt are no-nos) We are on more than 800 calories..nowhere near enough.. especially when I run! ( I use the term loosely..you know me)!

We just try to eat healthily and sensibly... with the odd treat...! I love champagne and smoked salmon!

Wheat content has been cut down a lot, ( as my daughter is Coeliac, that was not a problem), as we have lots of recipes I use when she eats with us...and we don't fast. My husband's blood sugar level now is almost pre-diabetic ( he is type 2), he has lost 2 stone.. I remain at a steady 9st 4!

We liaise with his practice nurse too, regularly, as he has to be monitored to check medication levels etc... :)

So.. very much what we have always done, but really cutting those carbs down, no processed food at all really... everything cooked from scratch ( The luxury of being retired)! I do monitor our daily meals..calorie and carb content, but I have time to do that..much harder when you are working and have a young family:) I used to get up at 5-30 a.m. when I worked to get everything ready for the day..lunches and meal prep for the evening! Happy Days:)

We do need more than 800 calories, I feel that is very, very low too... I could not even get to the fields if I was trying to survive on that :)

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Must be a bit complicated with so many different dietary needs, but I guess if you have the time it is manageable. Well done on getting your husband's blood sugar back to almost normal!

I am relieved to hear that you don't live on 800 calories a day! I would be starving!


Not complicated...challenging!

He is very pleased...Yes..we need our quotas of calories...I do like my food!!! ☺


Hi PippiRuns ! Planning ahead means that we know what we are going to have and don't t fall into the trap of buying take aways because there s nothing in. Better for the credit card too as you buy what you need and don't waste food. Xx

Dinners this week

Veg pizza and salad

Stuffed mushrooms and Mediterranean veg

My homemade curry with quinoa

White fish with mixed veg

Tuna steaks and salad

Prawns with sweet potato risotto


Sounds really yummy all of your meals. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Hi PippiRuns,

This is for next week, more meat than we usually have as we did our big monthly shop on Thursday and the chickens were 'bogof' and the lamb chops were reduced. We always have sardines once a week (fresh this week but usually tinned). Currently most of the salad stuff is out of the garden as are the French beans, kale and fennel. I'm very fortunate in that my hubby makes everything from scratch which leave me time to garden...

Friday - Lamb chops with broccoli and braised celery

Saturday - Pizza with Chorizo and jalapeno chillies (this is my treat of the week 900 cals)

Sunday - Roast chicken with pinhead oat stuffing, kale, green beans and braised fennel

Monday - Lentil soup, grilled sardines and salad

Tuesday - Hummus, tzatziki, tomato salad and pitta bread (his white pittas are to die for!)

Wednesday - Chicken salad

Thursday - Duck breast salad

Friday - Cod (dressed with egg and breadcrumbs) and tomato salad

As a rule we usually have three fish dishes per week salmon, sardines plus one other (usually what's on promo - last week it was trout). We're retired on a limited budget so we aim to eat as much as possible from the garden (at my profile there's a link to my gardening blog where I try and show what we're eating when). Obviously, we are currently eating a load of salad given it's the middle of summer but last year I bought two small polytunnels and ate fresh salad all through the winter. Normally, you'd see more eggs featured but we are without hens at the moment - thinking of replacing them in October.....


That is a very, very delicious meal plan you have got there! Inspiring. I think I will make tzatziki to go with our hummus and pita bread like you. I love lentil soups, they are so creamy without the cream.


Hidden just found your gardening blog! It's fab ❤️ Will keep following !!


Like the look of the egg and potatoes 😊 Thank you


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