I am officially a healthy fat bloke

Today I got my blood analysis back. A general MOT including thyroid and all and today I called in the Gp and they officially told me that is all normal. I do not have access to the analysis so I have no idea what normal is, but if they say so it means I am healthy, which is a good thing :)

Now let's focus on get rid of the fat :)

have a nice day


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  • I had the same thing done a few months ago because I had all the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. But no. I'm just fat haha. However, they did discover I have prediabetes, so I'm the unhealthy fat girl. Starting on the 12 week plan to see how I go. I generally, don't do well with diets. Fingers crossed.

  • It is funny how our brain works sometimes. I have read about how not nice it is to have a underactive thyroid and any other condition but when you are looking for an excuse you do start thinking "maybe it is that, I am not eating too much).

    But I was! And considering the amount of physical activity I have done this year (I have ran over 800 miles so far, with 1 marathon and 2 half marathons) having gained 2 kilos (getting at a max of 96 Kg. for a BMI well over 30...) must mean I was eating anything at any time!

    Hope this program works, it is definitely making me think more about the amount of calories intake and healthy options for snacks :)

  • It is very strange indeed. I'm doing the 10k Trail Run in Keswick in a few weeks so I was hoping this would motivate me a bit more. It has with my exercise but not food! I definitely eat far too many calories and so many that are not of the good kind. My BMI is 31 and therefore classed as obese. Something that just doesn't seem to sink in but hoping it does soon.

  • I have started looking at my intake last week and I have created an Excel file (I sit all day in front of a computer, so it was the handiest way). I include breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack, dinner and unplanned after dinner or drinks. The file gives me the sum. I put down an allowance of 2,300 calories (which gives me a deficit of about 1000 calories in theory when I go running).

    Excel does the sum for me and I have a few formulas with targets (calories deficit and kilos loss per week).

    Sound complicated but it is much simpler than using pen and paper and calculate once it is ready (I can share if needed...).

    It is helping for now...

  • That's great! If you're healthy before you lose the fat, imagine how great you'll feel when you reach goal :)

  • Fantastic Marco! Very good news, must be all that running about :-)

  • could be but to be completely honest (and I am going to deny if asked again ;) )all that running is not always only healthy (in fact one of my concerns was actually missing some minerals or iron in the blood).

    But I am here, healthy for now and the running is my passion, a big part of what I am (even if often I gave up for a few months in the past...) so happy to try and lose weight with the help of this community.

  • Although I have not had my bloods checked I would love to get rid of the FAT. Plus I would like to run perhaps I could be in a new film Run FAT Girl Run. Wouldn't that be fantastic if I could achieve this. Glad to hear you are 'normal' ☺

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