Why am I so addicted to FOOD?

Since I turned 13 my weight started to creep upwards and has been up and down for the past 6 or so years from going to size 14, to size 10 and now to a 16! 13st2lbs and I just can't seem to shift it. I do regular exercise, bootcamp, horse riding, walking, jogging etc. I just have a very unhealthy love affair with food and can't seem to stop myself going for the sweet things. I've tried slimming world and managed to lose 7 lbs last year but put it back on since. I also have Prediabetes so I really need a kick up the butt. I've been reading the NHS 12 week diet plan and really want to start asap. However, I need motivation and a clear mind to be able to focus. Has anyone got any tips? Thanks in advance.


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