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been here some now and getting in to the stride of things, today im reflecting on things, weight to lose ETC. so i decided to check my BMI, where you enter your Height Weight and other details and it tells you what you are im 32.4 = OBESE :( and also it tells you healthy weights for you mine should be 9st.3lbs to 12.7lbs then it tells you what you need to lose to be in the middle..

I need to lose 5st 4lbs

i have already lost around 3st 10lbs (before checking this )

so Start Weight 19st 12lbs - - Current 16st 2lbs - - ideal 10st 12lbs (according to that)

So altogether i need to lose 9STONE :0

Onward and downwards :) i might weight myself the weekend to see where i am just depends as im constipated at the moment ahaha


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2 Replies

  • I really hope you continue to lose the extra weight rjay95. It's not easy but the health benefits will be huge. I too have a lot of weight to lose (about six stone but even then I would be at the top end of my 'ideal' BMI) but others have posted on here about focusing on the smaller goals so as not to get bogged down by the bigger goal. I think that's what I shall try to do.

    I like that you are acknowledging that you've already lost a considerable amount of weight, that's great and you should be proud of that. It also highlights that more weight loss is achievable.

    I only started on Monday but already I am starting to see, and more importantly, feel the health benefits. I feel more alert, in a good way not an anxious way, and I have more energy. There is improvement in my mood as well. I hope for you too that you are experiencing the benefits of your weight loss and healthier life-style. The very best luck to you. :)

  • I think for a permanent solution and life long health and fitness it's important that we enjoy the journey, that the eating plan isn't a chore or deprivation 😊 I try hard not to think about the numbers, difficult I know, but it just seemed overwhelming at the beginning 😕 Instead I try to concentrate on trying new recipes, keeping busy and active, looking a couple of weeks ahead and thinking what will I wear? Another couple of pounds and so and so will fit 😊

    You are doing very well 😊 Good luck

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