I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks on Saturday and am conscious that it is a real danger period for me. Luckily I'm in England, so can pile my car up with help. I have a folding bike and a set of scales that are going in the boot and am going to plan 2 weeks of meals before I leave. I'm going to put in some treats, as it's my holiday, but healthy is the key word. I can even send in my results via my mobile phone. All good intentions! Fingers crossed.

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  • Have a great holiday.

  • You sound really organised! Have a wonderful time and all the best with sticking to your plans! 🌻

  • Have a great holiday but allow yourself 1 or 2 treats you've got to live as well

  • Thanks. I'm going to leave some calories available so I can have a treat so day. Ha e w good week yourself and keep motivated. 👙

  • Sounds like you are very prepared and organised! Have a great time and ?I hope the sun shines for you ☀️

  • I hope you have a great holiday and get some nice weather😃😃

  • That sounds like real dedication. Have a great holiday x

  • Thanks both. My intentions are good, just have to follow it through. I've got internet access via my phone so maybe someone will give me a little encouragement late on?!!!!

  • Keep posting every couple of days so we can see how you are doing and I will keep posting back x

  • Thanks annex, great idea! Will do. Just about to get ready for my walk/ jog, then of to Tescos to do food shop for start of holiday. Not going too far from home so can take it with me. Healthy cook books packed. Love cooking but don't normally get the time. X

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